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Spring 2010-2011

Chiasiellis - Graphistudio Tavagnacco 1 - 3

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zuliani_vinazzaIt was the ugliest game played so far by Tavagnacco in which the Gialloblù did not express themselves on the usual levels showing a certain confusion in the game plots, scarce determination and considerable sufficiency. However, the Football Chiasiellis was not able to take advantage of the day of Tavagnacco and, apart from the effort and aggression, did not create major problems in the finalization phase only managing to score a goal on a mistake of the defense Gialloblù. The Tavagnacco, in contrast, despite the gray performance, has created numerous scoring goals and managed to score three, one with ZULIANI and two with LAURIOLA, 96 class, which confirms itself as a promising future.

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La Grifo scratches the Lazio eagle: 1-0

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perugia201020111_thumb_medium250_147Victory was supposed to be and victory was. The Grifo Spring training does not betray the expectations and in order to earn a place for the national finals, wins three important points against Lazio. An absolutely deserved victory for volume of play and opportunities created and obtained thanks to the reinforcements coming from the first team: Parise, Principi and Bianchi have made their contribution by focusing on the mechanisms of Sciurpa's training. So much so that it touches the Principi, deployed flagship, open the list of opportunities: Fiorucci's cross is perfect but the header does not find the target.

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A draw that goes close to Cuneo Primavera

Rating: 1 / 5

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Beautiful game full of emotions in S.Rocco Castagnaretta between the host of the CUNEO FEMALE PRIMAVERA ACP and the same age of Turin JUVENTUS FEMALE PRIMAVERA.

The players in the field have given life to a vibrant and substantially correct match despite an uncertain race direction that has unnerved the spirits and determined the final score.

The beginning for the landlords is at least problematic. Juventus immediately presses on the accelerator and closes the Cuneo in their meta-camp. On a defensive lightness of Picco, the only one of his race, Olivieri steals the ball and enters the area, contact with the same Peak and impeccable penalty kick!

On the disk is presented Trapani kicking weak and central allowing Dutto to parry the third penalty in the season on four sub cons.

Despite the danger escaped, the red and white remain contracted and without ideas allowing the bianconere to play fluency.

At 15 'punishment from the top on the right, Procopio points the crossroads and Dutto intervenes deflecting on the post.

The Juventus game ends here, discouraged by the two missed opportunities, it withdraws its center of gravity and allows the Cuneo area to gain ground.

De Paoli comes to the 18 'with a descent on the right, cross to the center and Minopoli misses a breath.

Always De Paoli defends a ball on the trocar, serves D'Angelo who crosses into the area without anyone intervening.

Juventus defends itself with order, trying some offensive sortie on the counterattack but Dutto closes with decision first on Rigoni at 23 'and then on Longhin at 27'.

Minopoli fails two easy chances, at 28 'and 35', with goalkeeper beaten on the results of as many corners.

The Turinese struggle to retaliate the initiatives of the Cuneo midfield in which Figone puts order, well assisted by Barolo and D'Angelo, and triggering Minopoli, De Paoli and Pittavino but they fail to realize the network opportunities created.

At 41 ', Gennari flies on the band but at the time of shooting is contracted by the intervention of Bertone that allows Dutto an easy intervention.

The first half ended with a sensational opportunity again for Minopoli but failed to give strength to the ball, allowing the rescue on the line of Capobianco.

In the second half the Cuneo continues to press and takes the lead to the 55 'thanks to the stubbornness of De Paoli who conquers a corner and bags on its developments.

The game seems downhill, the bianconere appear tired, the Cuneo continue to press.

At the 30 'Giraudo anticipates the defender and goalkeeper opponents that collide allowing the easy turn of the head sull'ennesimo corner. However, the referee inexplicably cancels the provision with a non-existent push of the red and white attacker.

Amazement between the players on the field and on the benches. The decision does not change despite the vibrant protests of the premises and the great sportiness of the guests, who were already starting in midfield for the resumption of the game.

The episode makes the girls nervous and the referee struggles to keep order. Hard interventions are repeated on both sides without the competition director intervening.

At 35 ', very tough tackle on Picco that is forced out. The defensive solidity of the landlords is affected. Juventus takes courage and begins the final forcing in the search for a draw but no luck until the 43 'when, thanks to a distraction of the defensive landlords and an unmarked offside, Trapani beats Dutto out closing a race that leaves the girls with Cuneo the bitter taste for unused opportunities and the canceled goal.



Graphistudio Tavagnacco - Venice 1984 3 - 0

Rating: 5 / 5

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lauriola_erikaIt was perhaps the most important match of the season for Venice not to lose the chance to still remain in the lap of second-place pretenders that is worth the access to the national stage of the Primavera championship. For this reason, Venice presented itself to the well-armored Tavagnacco Comunale, with high quality players, with some of them permanently militating in the first team, which especially in the early stages of the match put Tavagnacco in difficulty.

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With Atletico Milano, 3 finishes with 0

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Brescia_primavera_2010-11_thumb_medium250_170Despite the qualification already acquired, with a lot of first place mathematician, the Primavera does not stop and also wins in the last effort of the regular season. With Atletico Milano 3 finishes 0, a pleasant game, despite the poor conditions of the pitch. After 5 'Brescia is already ahead, thanks to Tosi, able to steal the ball to the goalkeeper and deposit on the net the goal of the advantage.

Because of the field turned into swamp the swallows try to exploit the long launches, but for 2 0 you have to wait for the 23 'of the second half, when Rolfi snaps the ball to the foot on the outside, dribbles an opponent and puts in the center for Massussi that head on the net. At the 90 'there is also time for the tris, still signed by Massussi, who power from the limit runs the unstoppable right that closes the match. After 13 wins and a draw, the first round closes. Next week will know the opponent that the eleven of Mister Miro will have to face in the last round of the final phase.

Fabio Cimmino

Press Officer - Communication & Marketing Manager

ACF Brescia Female

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Vicenza Women's Football

Rating: 5 / 5

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Teach to score

Primavera reconfirmed a Play-off team by drawing away from home against a Vintl Damen determined to win. After the goal of the home team, in the second half the biancorosse seem to rise from the initial torpor: they score at the 7 'of the second half and double at the 16'. The three points seemed assured, but a few minutes from the end marks the Vintl again, winning the draw. On the other hand, the Esordienti a Castegnero lose. Although in the first half dominate the opponents, in the two following times the team reacts by bumping forward. Cause in this way, during the third time, the doubling of opponents. The match, however, was a good example of fair play. Strengthened by the teaching of society, the girls brought in the field the desire to have fun but above all to play, with respect for the rules and for the opponents, thus reaching an important goal for budding players. Sportsmanship also demonstrated by the Young Trenchers in an intense challenge against the Lakes. Without the goalkeeper, held back by school commitments, they showed a great desire to get involved. Chiara Gumiero, midfielder, did not hesitate to propose herself as a substitute and her companions, even in the moments following the two goals, showed solidarity towards her, urging her and encouraging her to do her best. The coach, Giuseppe Gaeta said: "Very happy with the team, disappointed only by the result and the attitude of the opponents. There was no good weather on the pitch and the refereeing was not perfect. The Laghi had few chances to score, took advantage of our ingenuity in the first and a foul on the goalkeeper, not seen by the referee, in the second. I can really say I'm satisfied, in the second half we played very well ». The First Team, in break this week, is preparing to clash with Siena away next week. In the meantime, let's cross our fingers.

Press Officer

Cecilia Beretta

Perugia vs Rome, to access the finals

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perugia201020111Stop the first team for the break of the championship, at Grifo all the attention is directed to the spring training, that Sunday against Rome you play the last chance to wade the national finals. The girls of Mr. Giacomo Sciurpa currently occupy the third position in the ranking, three lengths from the capitoline and to qualify must reach the second place (record the Jesina already qualified, ed). Objective for which a real business is needed, given that in the first leg the Giallorossi have imposed themselves for 4-0 and therefore at least five goals are needed to gain at the same time the three points and the best goal difference in the direct matches. "It will be very hard - admits the technician Sciurpa - but we have the qualities to be able to prove ourselves.To reach the national finals would give great prestige to our company that, for limited economic means, or for a targeted policy, has never been afraid to launch girls Young people".

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Great spring performance of the CEMEAN FEMALE ACP in the field of TRADATE despite numerous staff absences. The girls of Mr. Giraudo dispute an orderly and gritty race that allows them to win in Lombardy thanks to a second time of considerable competitive intensity. The absolute protagonist and match-winner is the very young Giagnetich Lucia, class' 95, who with a shotgun realizes all the efforts of her companions leading them to win 2-1 in comeback.

In the first fraction the two teams start very cautious without ringing until the 16 'when Picco must intervene in a desperate attack on the network after a valuable counter-attack.

The red and white respond with Minopoli that from the edge can not get rid of the shot after a nice triangulation with D'Angelo.

The Cuneo in midfield can not find the countermeasures to opponents who can always set without pressing. Likewise, the opponents suffer the game on the bands of the red and white who organize excellent plots on the right axis where the couple Goletto-Pittavino manages to create dangers with continuity. On the other side, the inexhaustible Mosquera stops all the initiatives of the Lombards in the bud so they have to try raids on the central streets.

At the 26 'corner for the Cuneo, the local defense sweeps the area, Barolo clumsily controls the trocar and, thanks to the heavy field, loses the ball triggering the counterattack of the Tradate that only Berardo can stop with an intervention to the limits of regularity.

The Tradate insists, raises its center of gravity by putting pressure on the host defense but does not collapse but rather proposes poisonous rebounds leading to the shooting Minopoli and D'Angelo.

The first half ended with a clear opportunity from the network of the Lombards who can not overcome the extreme defender of Cuneo, author of an intervention ripping applause.

In the second half, Innocenti replaces the fatigued Mosquera and immediately becomes dangerous with a precise but weak shot that the goalkeeper of the Tradate blocks in a high grip.

At the 20 'the local go ahead: wrong red and white disengagement and counterattack that ends with a very tight shot but not powerful that the cuneese goalkeeper does not block favoring the winning tap-in of the opposing rival. A few minutes later, the Tradate would have the opportunity to double but the young Bertone opposes in a masterly way the opponent who sends out a little.

Shocked by disadvantage, the guests are transformed. At 27 'Giagnetich capriciously conquers a free kick from the edge. Minopoli goes to the bar and throws a blow at the intersection of the poles. Ball maybe already over the goal line but the goalkeeper rejects anyway. Innocenti, whose shot is hit, and then Giagnetich bagging with arrogance, pounce on the loose ball.

The Tradate accuses the blow and leaves field at the Cuneo that closes all the spaces in midfield with a monumental Barolo and with D'Angelo that opens on the wings. There are at least three occasions at the hands of Giagnetich, Minopoli and Pittavino but they end in corner thanks to amazing interventions by the goalkeeper. Right on one of these corners, at the 35 ', D'Angelo beats short for the coming Goletto that first intention crosses the center, they pounce on the ball Minopoli, Innocenti and Giagnetich and this last hits on the fly anticipating the extreme defender.

In the last minutes of the race the Cuneo, tired and crushed, resist the reaction of the Tradate, but he can no longer organize the maneuver with efficiency and lucidity.

After five minutes of recovery, it ends a good race in which the Cuneo find their determination and determination very useful for the rest of the season.

Sunday 27 February, at 1430, the biancorosse will host Juventus on the field of S.Rocco Castagnaretta.

ACP FEMALE CUNE: Dutto, Bertone, Mosquera (from the 55 'Innocenti), Berardo, Goletto, Picco, Barolo, Giagnetich, Minopoli, D'Angelo, Pittavino.


In the photograph: Lucia Giagnetich

Spring does not disappoint

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Brescia_primavera_2010-11_thumb_medium250_170The eleven of Mr. Miro does not stop even in the derby. Against the cousins ​​of Atalanta comes yet another victory and the mathematics qualifying for the final stages of the National Spring Championship. The swallows immediately begin well and after a cross struck by Rolfi, the 26 'find the one zero net with Tosi, who from the edge of the brush area a precise lob, learnable for the extreme guest. After only 4 'Paganotti breaks to the right and puts in the center for Rolfi low, which is released with a number and is put down. Sacrosanct rigor. Gasparotti takes charge of the bar and signs the two at zero. An irrepressible Rolfi, better in the field, repeatedly touches the net but only bad luck denies the joy of the goal. {module J - Google AdSense 468x60 | none} In the second half, with the swallows in an emergency for 4 injuries, there is the Atalanta reaction that takes the ball of the game and creates a few headaches to the biancoazzurra rearguard. At the 40 'the Bergamo hit a crossbar on a free kick and the 45' find the 2 goal to 1 with a drunken action all before. Despite the final forcing of the guests, 2 ends 1 with the swallows who manage to bring home the three points, essential for the classification.

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Keralpen Belluno - Graphistudio Tavagnacco 0 - 7

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bottacin_sara2This evening, in the beautiful municipal stadium of Belluno, the return match between the KERALPEN Belluno and the Graphistudio Tavagnacco ended with a large Gialloblù victory. The result of 0 7 should not be fooled because the game, especially in the first 45 minutes, was not easy for Tavagnacco, which went ahead to 6 ° of the first half, but failed to materialize much during the first part of the match because of a well-placed Belluno, who tried in every way to regain the balance.

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