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Spring 2010-2011

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orlandia_under2011After the 2-1 obtained in the first leg in Naples, it was necessary to administer and it was enough for the passage to the quarterfinals of Orlandia'97 in the national championship Primavera. The tie 1-1 in Capo d'Orlando is to continue the march in the tournament with the knowledge that they have been widely superior to a Napoli that has had to bow to the best tactical figure of the Orlandia'97, impossible to compensate with the one and often excessive competitive enthusiasm.

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VinazzaThe Graphistudio Tavagnacco wins a competition marked by a lively game, with rapid re-starts and continuous reversals in front; to an indomitable Reggiana, always very lively and aggressive, the sly training of Mr. Tarzariol responded with actions of containment, slight dominance in possession of the ball, dense phrasing in midfield and sudden launches to trigger an effective counter-attack. In the first twenty-five minutes there is a greater pressure of amaranth by Mr. Stefani, however, does not materialize on clear scoring occasions.

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dimarino_nazionaleThe Primavera team on Sunday at Capo d'Orlando for the return of the second round of the category championship.
On Sunday, instead, the Primavera line-up will be on the pitch in Capo d'Orlando against Upea Orlandia for the return match of the second round of the category championship. In the first leg the Sicilians have won 1-2 in Naples at the end of a hard fought challenge, the games are still open and the small players of Carpisa Yamamay Napoli will try to overturn the result to access the quarterfinals.

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broili_aliceThe spring team of Graphistudio Tavagnacco won, on Sunday 10 April, the first leg of the round of 16 of the Primavera Championship, national stage. Sunday 17 pv the return match at the Tavagnacco stadium.
The formation of the talented technical Tarzariol, after having dominated and swept the first phase of the spring championship, has made a match somewhat conditioned by the heat and the terrain, hard and a bit 'rough.

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Brescia_primavera_2010-11_thumb_other250_170In the first leg of the second round of the national stage of the spring championship, a daring draw for the Women's Brescia. In that of Padua, 4 ends up 4 after 90 'at the heart rate. The match starts immediately with the swallows at the boarding, which touch the net several times with the attack pair Assoni-Rolfi. At 25 'however, to pass are the hosts, with a stone from the 25 mt that surprises Chiminelli. Pezzotta and companions are stunned and ten minutes later suffer the second goal: a strange rebound sends out the defense biancoazzurra and Chiminelli, out desperately, must put down the tip of Padua launched to the network. Admission for the number one guest and penalty. At 36 'is 2 to 0.

Rating: 5 / 5

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castelvecchio_under19_2010-2011In Savignano sul Rubicone the Prince of the whole championship goes on stage, Castelvecchio Imolese Luxury recovery not played because of the impassability of the field on 5 March 2011. With the classification that speaks clearly, those who lose are ousted from the National final round of 16. The Imola area has two out of three results available, for Emilia Romagna it would be good to have a draw because with the recoveries it made, it went into the top with 45 points two more than the Castelvecchio stopped at 43.
The Imola is presented in Savignano on a hot day on a field in excellent condition in the presence of about 100 spectators. Ready away, immediately forward the Emiliane and close the Romagnole in their own half; at 3 'opportunity for the Castelvecchio with Venturelli pulling up. At the 07 'Imolese took the lead on an action taken all before Benetti Toninelli ball in the area to Dubbioso that bag with a nice lob on the far post.

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springThe 16 teams will meet in round-trip competitions. The first named company of each pair will play the first

home race. The team that will have achieved, overall in the two races, the largest number of networks will be declared the winner and will access the next phase. At the end of the second race, in the event of a tie-up of the overall networks, double value will be attributed to the away goals. In case of further tie, the winner will be determined by the execution of the penalty shots in accordance with the provisions of the current Regulation of the Football Game.

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On the splendid synthetic field of Cuneo, the ACP CUNEO FEMMINILE PRIMAVERA unfortunately loses against AC Milan on the last day of the championship.

An autorete in the first minutes precludes the possibility of concluding the regular season with a flourish and leaves much regret also because Milan boasted numerous absences so much to be presented in the field with only ten athletes.

The race started well for the landlords who could take the lead at the 3 'with a Pittavino-Giraudo combination, with Giagnetich on the sideline.

Milan played a remittance and started on the counterattack but without hurting.

At 13 ', Rossonera offensive and low cross in the middle of the area, Dutto outgoing does not call the ball and Picco deviates in his own door a harmless cross bringing advantage to opponents.

Guests take confidence and become more dangerous especially on inactive balls.

At 18 ', great intervention by Dutto that deflects a treacherous corner.

The red and white continue to push but the maneuver is sterile and produces only a couple of conclusions to the side.

At the end of the first fraction, Minopoli, D'Angelo, Giraudo, Giagnetich, Pittavino and still Minopoli try the conclusion but the imprecision shooting and the skill of the Milan goalkeeper does not allow to reach a draw.

In the second half the music does not change: Cuneo, the owner of the field and Milan who defends himself with order, trying the counterattack.

But with the passing of the minutes the energies of the landlords are fading and they commit many errors in the last passage despite the numerical superiority highlighting a lack of conviction that makes them distant relatives of the pugnacious players seen in the last races. Milan takes advantage of it and can therefore take a breather so as to make it dangerous for 60 ', a great exit for Dutto, and for 33', saving Mauro with a beaten goalkeeper.

In the final minutes two more occasions were nullified by Minopoli and Giagnetich on an assist by Goletto and Barolo.

The game then closes at the third minute of recovery with many regrets from Cuneo and the understandable satisfaction of Milan.



In the photograph: Roberta Berardo

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OrlandiaThe formation of Calogero Balleriano does not betray, overcomes the Oristano in the playoff game and accesses the second phase of the Primavera tournament. A game well played by the young paladins who despite the demonstrated superiority and the many network actions created, however, risked losing the game up to five minutes from the end, when Elisa Pensabene equalized the score and brought the qualification directly to the penalty shootout.
The Orlandia'97 dominated the opponent and created several important occasions; Trassari alone can not put on the net alone in front of the goalkeeper, Nanì hits the crossbar and yet Fabio fails the easy advantage. Failed opportunities and football as many times teach goals immediately, at the 40 'Roberta Fiori takes advantage of a defensive blunder and carries on the Oristano.

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