Thursday, May 21 2015
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BRESCIA-FLORENCE: (1-1) 5-3 dcr

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Brescia_primavera_2010-11_thumb_other250_170The game begins badly though for Brescia, in fact after only 4 'passes the Florence: Corsi works a great ball on the 3 / 4 and from the limit starts an impassable stone for Picco. The reaction of Brescia is slow to arrive, and at the 13 'is still Florence to touch the doubling, with a shot from close range of Borghesi. But at half an hour the alarm rings, and it is Brayda who activates it. The 10 biancoblu gets rid of two opponents and the 20 meters throws the right shot that slips at the intersection. Eurogol for Veronique!

In the second half the Brescia starts better, and at the 4 'an amazing Assoni, slalom game is stopped by the purple goalkeeper with his hands out of the box. Punishment and expulsion. The numerical inferiority, however, does not discourage Florence, which even at 37 'touches the goal of the advantage. On the counterattack the new entry Mascilli flies alone to the door of Brescia, at the time of shooting but a sumptuous Picco says no. At the end comes the occasion for Rolfi who churns out one of his magic shots. Valgimigli is exalted and saves the result, Dallera on the rebound does not take advantage of it. It goes to penalties

Florence misses the first two, for Brescia only Baroni fails. Paganotti's fifth penalty starts the biancoazzurra party. On Sunday at 16,00 at the Castiglione di Ravenna field, the Italian flag is up for grabs ...

Here is the sequence of penalties: Gasparotti GOL; Mascottes PARATO; Barons PARATO; Valgimigli G. PARATO; Gilberti GOL; Ferrati GOL; Massussi GOL; Teci GOL; Paganotti GOL;

BRESCIA-FLORENCE: (1-1) 5-3 dcr

BRESCIA: Picco, Azzimonti, Baroni, Pezzotta, Guerrini, Gasparotti, Morandi, Paganotti, Rolfi, Brayda, Assoni. Available: Chiminelli, Gilberti, Lonati, Massussi, Messali, Dallera, Bertazzoli.

FLORENCE: Manfredini, Experts, Corsiani, Innocenti, Valgimigli G., Cosi C., Ferrati, Teci, Borghesi, Tabaku. A disp .: Valgimigli A., Volpi, Bonaiuti, Cosi M., Mascilli, Dosio, Nosconi.

LA CRONACA_The swallows fly in the final! After an incredible match, Mister Miro's eleven passes on penalties, and improves last year's placement. To decide from the disk, as in Arco di Trento, once again Paganotti.

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