Friday, February 21 2020
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mozzecane_under11Departure 08.00 destination Turin time. Venaria for accuracy. Thanks to the availability of the host team we play at 16.00, we'll be back next Sunday. The journey runs smoothly. Upon arrival to welcome us there is a wonderful day. Lunch, visit to Venaria Reale and then to the field for the challenge that promises to be very tough.
1 ° time

1 'First study minutes with quick exchanges on both sides.

5 'Turin begins to show all its qualities with lunges on the wings.

7 'The local team hits a free kick just outside the area. Ball in the middle on which he attacks COLCERA that blocks and also suffers foul.

10 'Continue forcing grenade. One-two at the limit of our area. Powerful conclusion and goals.

12 'Ancora Torino. ALLEGRINI foolishly intervenes at the limit of our area. The opponent reacts and takes the first warning. Turin beat the punishment. Scheme, strong shot towards our goal and goal.

16 'Always and only Turin. Our girls can not get out of the halfway field. The opponents break on the left. VOLTOLINI is opposed and injured on the occasion. The opponents go to the shot and this time COLCERA manages to deflect for a corner.

20 'Corner for the visiting team. Ball in front of the door where our goalkeeper intervenes with a fist able to raise the ball. But the same drops a meter further. The attacking opponent is the quickest to intervene and leads to three goals. It was known that it would be tough but such an uphill start was not expected. Of course ours helped.

21 'We pass half the field. CANEO leaves on the right. From the weak conclusion limit that ends easily in the arms of the goalkeeper.

25 'Another thrust of Turin. Nice movement at the limit of our area. Shoot and make four. What a blow. VOLTOLINI out of 10 minutes can not make it back. FERRONATO enters in its place.

Mister Zurzolo puts his hand to the training by moving the pawns in the field.

27 'Something moves in the yellow-blue house. From CALIARI to CANEO that sees and serves SANTIN. The local defense has the best and gets away.

30 'Turin is still dangerous. Captain DE BORTOLI puts a piece of clothing and takes the threat away.

32 'CALIARI moved to the right makes the whole band. Resists the defender. Nice cross in the middle for SANTIN that hindered ends just a little.

37 'Turin continues to push. COLCERA however at the moment has the best on the grenade conclusions. Clash on the edge of our area. It is CALIARI who must receive the necessary care to pay the costs.

38 'Another yellow card for the local team that exaggerates with the competitive spirit.

39 'PINAROLI recovers a postponement. BALLELLA A. ball trying to trigger CANEO but the ball ends up in the goalie's arms. On the reversal in front, the left from the Turin with a ball that splits the opposite pole. Then from two steps grenade ending that ends to the side.

43 'CALIARI can not do it. VENTURINI enters in its place.



Only Turin. Fortitudo remains watching as the local team roams the whole field. The grenade goalkeeper is inactive. We hope for the second fraction that has often seen us protagonists during the season.


2 ° time

1 'Torino is still strong, trying to increase the gap. COLCERA earns the loaf with a beautiful foot intervention that saves our door. On the following corner they jump in many but the conclusion passes away from the poles.

5 'Finally the Fortitudo begins to show itself. CANEO receives the ball in midfield. Ball deep for BINDELLA A. The local defense wanders with breathlessness.

10 'Exit PINAROLI for SARTORI that immediately puts to fruition its freshness recovering ball in midfield and then serving at the limit BINDELLA A. which strikes, shot but the opponent goalkeeper relaxes and with a leap he manages to deflect the shot. Ufff ....

12 'Now Fortitudo keeps the ball of the game. Yellow-blue percussion on the right. Grainy grenade intervention. Punishment and another yellow card. Ball in the area that the goalkeeper blocks on the ground.

17 'Excellent intervention of VENTURINI that contrasts and wins the rebound. Service for SANTIN which launches CANEO on the right. Our attacker leaves. Enter the area. Strong shot that shaves at the opposite pole. Sin.

20 'Fortitudo now believes it. Very good work in midfield that blocks the rebounds in the bud.

25 'BINDELLA A. conquers stubbornly the ball in midfield. CANEO calls the passage that arrives perfect. Burns the defender in speed, enters the area, shooting angled and ... GGGOOOLLL. Finally.

27 'RESIDERS forward for SANTIN. Our tip defends the ball. He sees and serves BINDELLA A. which ends on the net. The goalkeeper blocks the ground.

30 'SANTIN tries from the distance with a shot that flies over the crossbar.

37 'FERRONATO knocked down by a broadside in the face. Our central, however, a bit 'dazed, gets up. Turin beats the corner. Ball on the second pole where our teams lose an opponent who luckily shoots two meters high.

40 'Action photocopy of the goal. Still BINDELLA A. to suggest for CANEO that wedges between the two central defenders. He sees the goalkeeper coming out and tries the lob. Restrained from behind, however, fails to raise it just enough to overcome the extreme defender that eventually makes his the ball. Damn.

45 'Let's finish forward but we can not make the most of a free kick from the trocar.



First time only played by Torino that showcases all its potential. It makes four and also hits a pole. The Fortitudo in the second fraction reorganizes and conquers meters on meters granting the opponents only some restart. We manage to score with CANEO who has no luck then on a second occasion. Opportunity that also happens to BINDELLA A. but the guest goalkeeper does the miracle. Next Sunday we start from the second part of today where we have seen that we can say ours. On the qualification speech ours have lit a small light. We'll see if it will become a flame that will warm up all the public that will surely come to push the formation of the Gialloblu towards the company.

After the succulent post-competition snack we return home from this long trip in an atmosphere of serenity for what we did throughout the year and with the belief that the word end has not yet been written. Anyway, a magnum of prosecco and grated parmesan cheese crusts are ready.

Having said this to the next and .... FORCE GIRLS is Cippa

Other quarterfinals results (8 May return):

COMO 2000 - BRESCIA 1-1


FLORENCE - ORLANDIA97 (postponed to May 15)

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