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In Tavagnacco the strong Jesina wins a precious draw

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tava_jesiNational Spring Championship, quarter-finals: in the first leg in Tavagnacco the strong Jesina wins a precious draw. UPC GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO vs EDP JESINA FEMALE SOCCER 1 - 1
The large audience present at the Stadio Comunale di Tavagnacco (at least thirty warm supporters from the Marches) was able to attend a very pleasant meeting, characterized by sparkling play with continuous reversals in front.

The two formations, tactically well disposed in the field, have impressed a very high athletic and competitive rhythm from the first to ninety-fourth minute in search of the full result. Numerous network chances did not materialize by a whisker, either due to inaccuracies of the attackers or to decisive interventions by goalkeepers (in particular that of Jesina). A result overall fair because the different pallegol built by Graphistudio, especially in the first half, the Jesina has always responded by grinding game with a lot of determination and closing the meeting with a sensitive dominance in midfield. Two goals masterpiece, signed by the respective number ten, have marked and decided the race.

The chronicle:

4 ': opportunity wasted by Jesina with a high end of the tip Becci.

5 ': the graphistudio fails after a penetration of Sarnataro in the area, low shot shot that the extreme Guidi does not hold back, ZAD raises again but the ball shatters on the pole.

9 ': still the goalkeeper of the Jesina denies the goal in Sarnataro with a timely exit at the edge of the area.

11 ': on subsequent action at a corner kick Broili crosses the center of the area where Sarnataro hits the fly, six meters from the door, placing Guidi in an acrobatic jump. Another great parade that testifies to the clear prevailing of Tavagnacco in this first phase.

20 ': Jesina concludes with a close-range shot by Becci Bonassi who rejects a foot in the corner.

28 ': Tavagnacco responds with a fast counterattack of Sarnataro that from the left edge of the penalty area kicks a lob to overtake the goalkeeper, but the ball ends out over the crossbar.

31 ': another Pallagol for the Graphistudio; on cross from right Broili hits the fly from a dozen meters but the shot is weak and easy prey of the extreme guest.

37 ': the ball made slimy by a brief rainfall makes it difficult for the Jesina goalkeeper to take a low shot from Broili from twenty meters; thrill for the parade in two stages.

40 ': the Marche team reacts pushing forward with determination and gets a corner on which the home defense intervenes by rejecting the ball in midfield.

52 ': advantage of Tavagnacco; Broili steals the ball in the attacking three-quarter field, advances a few meters and almost from the edge of the body shell a great shot that sticks on the seven to the left of the goalkeeper.

59 ': Jesina rebalances the score; Luciani receives the ball at the edge of the Graphistudio area and slips through the poles to the left of Bonassi in flight.

61 ': on the enthusiasm of the goal the visiting team pushes dangerously forward and forcing the defense of Tavagnacco to a corner save.

65 ': pallagol for the Graphistudio; Broilli shot low from outside the box, the goalkeeper does not hold back, but the new entry Lauriola slips on the ground and slimy hitting the ball that ends badly at the end of the pole.

82 ': quick action on the Jesina counterattack that touches the goal with a shot by Becci to lick the post.

87 ': shot from the trocar field of Bevilacqua that gives the impression of the goal as spiove above the opponent's door touching the crossbar, to turn off however on the network behind the cross.

Until the end of the game, after the four minutes of recovery granted by the excellent referee Marangone, there are no other significant episodes.

NETWORKS: 52 'Broili; 59 'Luciani.

UPC GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Bonassi, Vergale, Vinazza, Bottacin, Basso, Usenich, Mauro (62 'Lauriola), Tedone (46' Bevilacqua), Zitter, Broili (76 'Serafini), Sarnataro. ---- Available De Monte, Orlandi, Carchio, Nobile. - All. Andrea Tarzariol.

EDP ​​JESINA FEMALE FOOTBALL: Guidi, Picchiò, Barchiesi, Becci, Rosini (57 'Bastianelli), Moscow, Lucarini (62' Tozzo), Catana, Galassi, Luciani, Berti. --- Available Romano, Schiavo, Filonzi, Mori, Bocci. - All. Emanuele Iencinella.


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