Friday, February 21 2020
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F. Mozzecane vs Pordenone 2-0

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mozzecane_under11Here we are. The national phase begins for us too. The first obstacle is the Graphistudio Pordenone. The girls are ready for the challenge that promises to be very tough. A wonderful day and typically spring temperature welcomes the formations in the field.

1 ° time

1 'Start immediately for a thousand for both formations. A long-awaited attempt by the visiting team with a ball that passes away from the mirror of the goal.

2 'Reverse in front. From SANTIN to CANEO on the edge of the area that sees the cut of VOLTOLINI. Filter ball with our wing that is alone in front of the goalkeeper. Shooting at the end of a pole and ... GGGOOOLLL.

5 'The Pordenone is thrown forward. Conclusion from the limit. COLCERA para smoothly.

8 'Another attempt of the host team but also this time misses the aim and the ball comes out abundantly to the side.

14 'Exchange SANTIN-VOLTOLINI that goes into the band. The doorman meets her. Ball in the middle of the area but none of us followed the action and the free defense.

18 'Very well PINAROLI that creates havoc on the left wing.

20 'Our defense has its own business to stem the black-green offensive and only grants attempts from the limit. In one of these the ball flies over the crossbar with COLCERA but on the trajectory.

25 'ALLEGRINI wins ball in defense and leans on BINDELLA A. that serves VOLTOLINI. Our wing wins a contrast and serves the CANEO limit that controls and pulls but the conclusion is weak and central.

31 'We beat a free-kick in the three-fourths of the match with ALLEGRINI. All on the edge of the area. Whistle, shot, from the back appears BINDELLA A. who face to face with the opposing goalkeeper, the square in the corner and ... GGGOOOLLL.

35 'Anchor BINDELLA A. on the shields. He sees and serves SANTIN in the area but this time he hits the goalkeeper who blocks the ground. Sin.

36 'The guest attack is fast and after a beat and goes back to the conclusion with COLCERA performing the miracle. Shot of kidneys and ball in the corner. Applause.

37 'Still the dangerous guest team with a free kick in our half of the field. But CALIARI is in great dust and finally untangles the skein.

40 'CANEO leaves. It is right at the top of the opposing area when it is laid out unsuccessfully. Notice for the visiting defender and punishment for us. Beats CANEO on the first post and goalkeeper who blocks in two stages.

41 'Another punishment for us. It is responsible for the CANEO line. Ball in the middle of the area on which he pounced ALLEGRINI but unfortunately the conclusion is weak and ends up in the arms of the goalkeeper. Damn. On the overthrow in front of us touches our goalkeeper to work overtime to tame the unleashed guest attack.

43 'Still COLCERA protagonist but this time in negative. Call ball but smooth at the time of referral. Fortunately DE BORTOLI is there to guard well and foil the threat. Fiuuuu .....



We go to the rest with the result that smiles at our formation that makes two beautiful actions. It's not a walk because we have a fast, aggressive team lady. At the moment, however, our defense has granted little or nothing.


2 ° time

1 'It is our team that immediately proposes itself forward. We take advantage of a free-kick in the three-fourth opponent. Ball that ends in the area where it is still BINDELLA A. to have the right cue but this time from two steps shoots up. Uffff ........

4 'From BINDELLA V. forward to VOLTOLINI advancing ball at the foot. On the other side calls CANEO ball. Beautiful launch to cut the field. On our tip pounced the goalkeeper who intercepts the lob attempt. Sin.

5 'Still and only Fortitudo. From CANEO to PINAROLI that sees and serves VOLTOLINI. Shot to cross with the ball coming out very little.

15 'PINAROLI is hit hard and is forced out to receive appropriate care. We are leaning forward. It took advantage of the Pordenone that tries the sortie but in the end still touches to CALIARI recover and close in a side foul. Good.

17 'PINAROLI does not make it. FERRONATO enters in its place.

24 'Another tough intervention, this time on CANEO. Yellow card. BINDELLA A. arranges the sphere. Shot and ball flying over the crossbar.

30 'The heat is felt and the twenty-two in the field are running out of strength. But do not talk about giving up. Continuous reversals in the face but ineffective porters.

33 'Pordenone must resort to the umpteenth foul to stop our girls. And another warning.

40 'CANEO wins a contrast. Defends the ball. Enter the area. Final shot, however, too angled that goes off to the side.

45 'The last action is from Pordenone. The black-green are going in the band. BINDELLA V. can not close. The attacker is focused, COLCERA meets her desperate. Shooting and ... pole. Fiuuuuu ....



Good. The performance of Fortitudo is very positive. Fortunately there was no joke in the final of a game that the yellow-blue dominated for large stretches. Two goals in the first half and three or four times in the second one failed for the classic breath. Of course the Graphistudio Pordenone has proved to be a good team, never tame and always dangerous. Thursday, beginning at 17.30, another battle awaits us with the opponents willing to do anything to overturn the result. But our girls will sell their skin dear to continue to live this wonderful adventure. Waiting for the winner of this double comparison will be the Torino that got rid of Real Meda.

Having said this to the next and .... FORCE GIRLS is Cippa

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FLORENCE - ROME 5-1 (3-6)

ORLANDY 97 - NAPLES 1-1 (2-1)

TURIN - REAL MEDA 6-0 (3-0)

Quarters (1-8 May):






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