Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Orlandia'97 forward like this

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orlandia_under2011After the 2-1 obtained in the first leg in Naples, it was necessary to administer and it was enough for the passage to the quarterfinals of Orlandia'97 in the national championship Primavera. The tie 1-1 in Capo d'Orlando is to continue the march in the tournament with the knowledge that they have been widely superior to a Napoli that has had to bow to the best tactical figure of the Orlandia'97, impossible to compensate with the one and often excessive competitive enthusiasm.

Mr. Balleriano, without the injured Spinella, deploys a 4-5-1, in which the side lanes have the task of attacking persistently the spaces in the possession phase. The circulation of the ball passes from the soft feet of Clara Lazzara and Elisa Pensabene, while Diletta Trassari covers the whole attack. It begins with 45 minutes of delay due to the absence of the referee who, even it will be discovered, had not even been designated. A clamorous mistake of the competent bodies, saved at the last minute with the arrival of the emerging Pirrotta, good at keeping a difficult game under control.

The first dangerous action arrives at the 10 'with the beautiful conclusion of the outside right paladin Fabio who comes out of a breath. At 26 'Clara Lazzara in good percussion try the blow from the edge of the left, but the Neapolitan goalkeeper Sorbino is good to foil with a nice shot. At half an hour Elisa Pensabene tries from distance, but on both occasions the ball comes out a little. The Napoli in practice has not been seen until 40 ', when in the only real offensive projection finds the network of advantage with Guardascione, able to turn the net from a close position.

A goal that now challenges the passage of the round. Napoli believes it and in the first minutes of the second half has even the opportunity for the double advantage with Tagliaferri, closed in desperate exit by Vitale. At the 50'Mr. Balleriano drops the ace Giuffrida in place of Fabio. The impact on the race is important. At 53 'Zito shoots a free kick right at the entrance; the attacker is blocked by the exit of the goalkeeper who replies on the feet of Trassari, who is not asked to pray and a right-hand player deposited on the net.

The draw puts things back in order for the Orlandia'97. Napoli tries to react especially with competitive strength and puts a little 'chills with some vertical action; the most dangerous that of Guardascione whose conclusion is diverted with skill by Vitale reaching out. The entry of Sesta in the final minutes serves to freeze the game and you get to the end of the game without suffering anything, indeed Lazzara and Giuffrida put a strain on the extreme Neapolitan defender. At the end great joy for the girls paladins that with full credit go to celebrate under the grandstand crowded by a good number of fans and fans.

The post-match is not the most serene, but the most important data is the transition to quarters where the Orlandia'97 will face Florence, capable of subverting the result of the first leg with the 5-1 trimmed to Rome.

Orlandia97 Randazzo Energy Team - Carpisa Yamamay Napoli 0 - 0

Orlandia'97: Vitale, Zito, Stancampiano (Zingales), Pensabene, Abraham, Fabio (50 'Giuffrida), Lazzara, Evangelista, Maggio, Trassari (78' Sesta)

Available: Scaffidi, Pintaudi, Zodda, Nanì

Naples: Sorbino, Apicella, Di Maro (67'Russo), De Rosa, Creeping, Tagliaferro (52 'Moraca), D'Anna (68' Sibillo), Gurdascione, Testa, Diodato

Available: Bambola, Landolfi, Giocondo, Cofiero,

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