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Tavagnacco arrives in the quarterfinals.

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VinazzaThe Graphistudio Tavagnacco wins a competition marked by a lively game, with rapid re-starts and continuous reversals in front; to an indomitable Reggiana, always very lively and aggressive, the sly training of Mr. Tarzariol responded with actions of containment, slight dominance in possession of the ball, dense phrasing in midfield and sudden launches to trigger an effective counter-attack. In the first twenty-five minutes there is a greater pressure of amaranth by Mr. Stefani, however, does not materialize on clear scoring occasions.

At 27 '1 0 for Tavagnacco: Mauro conquers the ball on the opposing side of the field and throws a ball into the area where Zitter, moved to the right, performs a double dribbling and puts the goalkeeper from a dozen meters a precise low shot, diagonally from right to left, on the farthest pole.

The Reggiana continues to push very hard but never to worry the extreme defender Bonassi.

At the restart of the game, after fifteen minutes interval, a very limpid pallagol for Tavagnacco failed by Zitter on the launch of Sarnataro. At the 47 'a prolonged offensive action of the Graphistudio puts in difficulty the goalkeeper Ierardi that repels of foot on Sarnataro posted a dozen meters from the goal line: shooting shot from the right to the right from the left, but the ball hits the base of the post and returns to the field.

At 53 'one of our defensive amnesia grants a graceful Pallagol to Reggiana, fortunately blatantly failed with a high shot no more than seven to eight meters.

Confirming the ancient rule, immediately after the Tavagnacco goes on 2 to 0: Sarnataro steals the ball in midfield and gets caught in the break in the area to put low shot from left to right, the goalkeeper out.

At the 68 'Reggiana reduces the distance thanks to a Eurogol: the Faragò tip collects a ball on the trocar field left, moves ball to foot diagonally up almost to the right corner of the penalty area and shoots a violent shot that rolls at the intersection, on the right of the innocent Bonassi.

At the XNXX 'Graphistudio closes the match: Sarnataro, posted on the left wing of competence, collects a deep diagonal shot and after a shot of ten meters into the area to strike the goalkeeper with a precise low shot.

At 87 'the never rega Reggiana fails to submit another ball on subsequent action at a corner.

Until the end of the game, after the four minutes of recovery granted by the excellent referee Veritti, there are no other significant episodes.

Qualification to the quarterfinals acquired against the Reggiana, demonstrated high-level training that has created many problems for the team Gialloblù.


The 1 May 2011 Tavagnacco will host the Jesina in the first leg of the quarter-finals.

NETWORKS: 27 'Zitter, 54' and 81 'Sarnataro; 68 'Faragò.

UPC GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Bonassi, Vergale, Vinazza, Bottacin (46 'Broili), Basso, Usenich, Mauro (51' Orlandi), Tedone (67 'Serafini), Zitter (78' Carchio), Bevilacqua (68 'Lauriola), Sarnataro . ---- Available De Monte, Nobile. - All. Andrea Tarzariol.

B.C. REGGIANA FEMALE SOCCER: Ierardi, Giubertoni, Prati, Sernesi, Frati (72 'Orlandini S.), Burani (46' Piccinini), Orlandini C. (30 'Boselli), Ternelli, Faragò, Bursi (53' Castagneti), Boni ( 61 'Of Vaia). --- Available Lugli, Lusetti. - All. Maurizio Stefani.

REFEREE: Mr. VERITTI of Tolmezzo.

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