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A bitter transfer for the young people of Cuneo

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A first time to forget, many failed opportunities in the second half, just three shots but the spring of the CUNEO FEMALE ACP returns from Liguria with zero points and great regrets.

On the Synthesis of Valpolcevera Serra Ricco ', the young Cuneo are not able to get the victory that would have meant the transition to the second phase of the post-championship tournament reserved for the women's spring training in Piedmont and Liguria.

At the orders of the race director Melis, the Cuneo family take to the field complaining of heavy absences, Barolo and Giaime on all, and seem initially contracted and deconcentrated.

11 ', dangerous action of the landlords who capitalize at most the first offensive sortie with Brunetta, in suspected offside, skilled at hitting a ball from the edge of the area that pierces the innocent Dutto. The Cuneo are stunned by the sudden disadvantage and are likely to capitulate again to the 16 'always by Brunetta who kicks weakly on Dutto out.

A few minutes later, still Brunetta tries to anticipate Dutto out but, instead of hitting the ball, assaults a kick on the face of the Cuneo goalkeeper who remains on the ground suffering. Great fright but luckily the extreme defender manages to resume the game albeit aching.

At 25 ', the first all-speed action of the red and white with a cross by Goletto on which, however, Minopoli is anticipated by Pittau. At the 36 'Giraudo is stopped offside with the goalkeeper and a few minutes later, at 39', an exchange of all free first still Giraudo pointing the opponent's area in total solitude but inexplicably kicks to the side from the edge instead of beating the departing goalkeeper.

In the second half the young Cuneo enter the field eager and determined and the music changes from the first minute when Sordello, good test after the injury back, supports for Giraudo who is in the goalkeeper Bacigalupo, best in the field at the end of the race, the unique insurmountable obstacle.

The cuneesi do not give up and try to get a draw first with Sordello, Bacigalupo rejects, then with Giraudo, double rejected by the goalkeeper, and again with Sordello on a rejected clumsy goalkeeper. Goletto at 18 'tries the solution from the outside but his shot splits the crossbar with the goalkeeper beaten.

The Ligurians try to respond on the counterattack but every ambition is ensnared by the biancorosso midfield.

At the 25 'Sordello tries his personal action but his shot still opposes Bacigalupo, able to touch the ball just enough to send it in a corner.

The cuneese pressure does not show signs of diminishing even if the lucidity begins to fail with the growth of tiredness. Finally at 31 'Giraudo manages to beat the Ligurian defender: precise diagonal that first hits the post and then carambola on the back of the goalkeeper ending in goal.

The enthusiasm for having straightened the race fills the guests with new energy but still Bacigalupo denies the joy of the goal to Goletto, D'Angelo and Giraudo.

In the final minutes the pace imposed by the Cuneo can no longer find continuity and the landlords try to set up some dangerous action but Mosquera masterfully closes on Scanferla at 37 'and Dutto, idle for the whole second fraction anticipates all on a long launch.

The game seems to be heading towards the draw but at 40 ', on a long launch of Rinasco, the Cuneo defense fails to optimize the disengagement and the ball ends just outside the area on the feet of Pedemonte who pulls the first intention surprising Dutto and reports the landlords benefit.

Confused the final reaction of the biancorosse with Bacigalupo still decisive with two conclusions of Giraudo and Gaveglio.

Now the Cuneo, to move on to the second phase among the winners, are called to a capital and winning test against the Vado Ligure the 1 ° May at 10: 30 at the "Fratelli Paschiero" stadium.



Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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