Sunday, May 31 2020
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broili_aliceThe spring team of Graphistudio Tavagnacco won, on Sunday 10 April, the first leg of the round of 16 of the Primavera Championship, national stage. Sunday 17 pv the return match at the Tavagnacco stadium.
The formation of the talented technical Tarzariol, after having dominated and swept the first phase of the spring championship, has made a match somewhat conditioned by the heat and the terrain, hard and a bit 'rough.

After an initial phase of study and alternate actions of no particular importance, at the 24 'Tavagnacco reaches the 1 to 0: passage in depth of Zitter that provides an assist to Sarnataro, whose shot from the edge of the area puts the goalkeeper output.

Spend only six minutes and Sarnataro still signs the 2 0 with a precise low shot from a dozen meters, coming in speed on a cross from the right of the excellent Zitter.

At the 33 'counterattack action of Reggiana whose tip Boni, arrived at the edge of the area, in a central position, shoots a violent shot that slightly deviated from Bonassi breaks on the crossbar and returns to the field.

However, the wide dominance of the Graphistudio Tavagnacco is evident, which is realized at 43 'with the third goal: diagonal assist from left by midfielder Tedone to Zitter who, placed on the edge of the small area, tows the right and bags to the pole.

Upon returning to the field after the interval the Reggiana, made some changes and settlements in the form of play, is much more determined, aggressive and dangerous. Already at the third minute the tip Faragò, guiltily left free in the center of the area, bags on the corner kick with a right hand.

During the second half there was a noticeable decline in the performance of the Tavagnacco players, more for lack of concentration than for physical reasons; this allows the Reggiana to gradually assume a clear prevalence in the possession of the ball and to carry out various dangerous actions that never materialize in evident goal balls.

On the other hand, the Graphistudio Tavagnacco, despite suffering, becomes dangerous thanks to the excellent reboots and fast counterattack; different occasions to round off the result are not achieved either by lack of lucidity or by the progressive expiration of physical freshness.

At the second of the three minutes of recovery granted by the referee the Tavagnacco foolishly lost ball in midfield triggering a fast counterattack in numerical superiority that allows the young Boselli to sign the goal of the definitive 2 to 3.

B.C. REGGIANA FEMALE SOCCER: Lugli; Giubertoni, Prati, Sernesi, Frati; Ligabue, Bursi, Ternelli; Faragò, Castagneti, Boni. Available: Ierardi, Orlandini C., Burani, Di Vaia, Lusetti, Orlandini S., Boselli. - All. Maurizio Stefani

UPC GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Bonassi; Vinazza (69'Orlandi), Basso, Usenich; Mauro, Bottacin, Tedone (56 'Serafini), Vergale; Broili (56 'Lauriola), Zitter (62' Carchio), Sarnataro. Available: De Monte, Bevilacqua. - All. Andrea Tarzariol.

NETWORKS: 24 'and 30' Sarnataro, 43 'Zitter; 48 'Faragò, 92' Boselli.

Appointment Sunday 17.04.2011, 15.00 hours, at the Municipal Tavagnacco to support our young players in qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Spring Championship.

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