Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Brescia_primavera_2010-11_thumb_other250_170In the first leg of the second round of the national stage of the spring championship, a daring draw for the Women's Brescia. In that of Padua, 4 ends up 4 after 90 'at the heart rate. The match starts immediately with the swallows at the boarding, which touch the net several times with the attack pair Assoni-Rolfi. At 25 'however, to pass are the hosts, with a stone from the 25 mt that surprises Chiminelli. Pezzotta and companions are stunned and ten minutes later suffer the second goal: a strange rebound sends out the defense biancoazzurra and Chiminelli, out desperately, must put down the tip of Padua launched to the network. Admission for the number one guest and penalty. At 36 'is 2 to 0.
Finally at the 41 'Paganotti plays the alarm clock and with an action of arrogance can get a sacrosanct rigor, which Gasparotti puts in the network, closing on 2 1 the first fraction. In the second half Brescia closed for twenty minutes the opponents in his own half, but at the first occasion Padova still punishes. On the developments of a lightning-fast counter-attack, the strikers of Padua find themselves alone in front of the number one guest who can do nothing. On the 3 1 comes out the pride of Brescia and Gasparotti with a punishment-missile from the 50 mt manages to shorten the distances already at 25 '. A few minutes later, the referee inexplicably canceled a regular goal by Rolfi, but the Brescia point came back shortly after signing his own network in the same way. But it is not over, because two minutes later on a corner kick masterfully beaten by Assoni, Guerrini breaks in, who heads overtaking. At 42, however, when everything seems finished, the Padova finds the 4 at 4. Punishment from the ¾, position of suspected offside for the red and white tip, which alone in front of Chiminelli is not wrong. It finishes even, after 90 'of front changes and spectacular goals. The qualifying speech will be decided on Sunday 17, at the home of Brescia.

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