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The Castelvecchio wins and accesses the finals

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castelvecchio_under19_2010-2011In Savignano sul Rubicone the Prince of the whole championship goes on stage, Castelvecchio Imolese Luxury recovery not played because of the impassability of the field on 5 March 2011. With the classification that speaks clearly, those who lose are ousted from the National final round of 16. The Imola area has two out of three results available, for Emilia Romagna it would be good to have a draw because with the recoveries it made, it went into the top with 45 points two more than the Castelvecchio stopped at 43.
The Imola is presented in Savignano on a hot day on a field in excellent condition in the presence of about 100 spectators. Ready away, immediately forward the Emiliane and close the Romagnole in their own half; at 3 'opportunity for the Castelvecchio with Venturelli pulling up. At the 07 'Imolese took the lead on an action taken all before Benetti Toninelli ball in the area to Dubbioso that bag with a nice lob on the far post.

Passed ahead the Imola continues to push and try to take off; minute 13 'doubling of the Emilia, Mantovani steals the ball in midfield, gets rid of an opponent and throws x Baldini from the edge leaves a shot that goes under the crossbar.

A tremendous blow, a two that would have spread a bull but not the Castelvecchio, who after the O to 2 begins to play football. Minute 25 'punishment in favor of girls yellow-green almost from midfield on the ball Captain Morelli that leaves a missile land area that slips under the crossbar.

On the 1 - 2 the girls of Mr. Tani begin to really believe they can recover the game and more than once they put the opponent's door in crisis.

Minute 30 'and 33' the host team with Toninelli before and with Dubbioso after, on balls kicked by a corner kick hit the net but Leontyeva is careful and with a couple of courageous interventions manages to save the door.

38 ° comes the draw of Castelvecchio, exchange Tani Morelli Casali, ball x Venturelli that leaves from the edge of the area an unstoppable shot for the goalkeeper Naldi.

We go to rest on the result of 2 2 and what has been seen in the field and right.

The second half begins with the visiting team trying to recover the result but the defense of Savignano holds.

At the 55 'Benetti dell'Imolese steals the ball to the defender and kicks a blow that the number one home to the ground.

At the 59 'Castelvecchio legitimizes its supremacy by realizing the 3 to 2, melee in the area with Casali's final shot, the goalkeeper Naldi can not block the ball and this rolls on the net. General euphoria in the field and outside.

Until the 90 ° there was a succession of actions on one side and the other with Imolese who went several times close to balance.

End the game with the exultant girls of Mister Paolo Tani Castelvecchio of Savignano sul Rubicone that are applauded by the public x how they reacted and bring home an unimaginable victory before the race and beautiful after.

The Castelvecchio finishes the Championship in the First place with 46 points (First Time in the History of the Company of Savignano sul Rubicone), second with 45 points they place the Imola and the Reggiana.

At the final round of the National Championships, Castelvecchio and Reggiana take the lead over Imola for the direct matches.

It starts immediately next Sunday with the Castelvecchio engaged in Savignano against the Jesina with the return to Jesi (Ancona) the 17 April and the Reggiana in Tavagnacco (Udine).

Good luck to the whole movement of women's football and FORZA CASTELVECCHIO.


Markers: 07 'Doubtful (I), 13' Baldini (I), 25 'Morelli (C), 38' Venturelli (C), 59 'Casali (C).


Leontyeva, Scolozzi, Magnani, Sarti, Gualtieri, Tani, De Astis (46 'Guiducci), Morelli, Venturelli, Casali (87' Ziosi), Montanari (83 'Santolini).

Available to Ziosi, Guiducci, Giorgetti, Silvagni, Santolini.

Coach Paolo Tani


Naldi, Spada, Strocchi, Magrini, Savini, Mantovani, Baldini, Benetti, Toninelli, Doubtful, Cimatti.

Available to Fanali, Sasdelli, Soglia.

Davide Mastroioco coach

Savignano Sul Rubicone 02 April 2011

Walter Pettinati
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