On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Orlandia continues the adventure

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OrlandiaThe formation of Calogero Balleriano does not betray, overcomes the Oristano in the playoff game and accesses the second phase of the Primavera tournament. A game well played by the young paladins who despite the demonstrated superiority and the many network actions created, however, risked losing the game up to five minutes from the end, when Elisa Pensabene equalized the score and brought the qualification directly to the penalty shootout.
The Orlandia'97 dominated the opponent and created several important occasions; Trassari alone can not put on the net alone in front of the goalkeeper, Nanì hits the crossbar and yet Fabio fails the easy advantage. Failed opportunities and football as many times teach goals immediately, at the 40 'Roberta Fiori takes advantage of a defensive blunder and carries on the Oristano.

In the second half the race is more balanced. There is Deborah Allum already out in the first fraction due to injury, take over Stancampiano Zingales and Evangelista followed by some corrective tactics operated by Mr Balleriano. Five minutes from the end decisive action of Evangelista who steals the ball in midfield and dialogues with Pensabene until the perfect assistant for the latter that bag with precision.

It goes to the penalty shootout, Orlandia'97 proves more skilled and wins the playoff with the final result of 4-2.

It 'a result that repays us of the great work done so far - says Mr. Balleriano - I am very happy for the girls who cared a lot for this game.

ASD ORLANDIA'97 - ORISTANO 4 - 1 (1 -1) dcr

Markers: 40'Fiori (O), 85'Pensabene (O97)

Orlandia97 training

Vitale, Zito, Pensabene, Allum (Stancampiano), Abraham, Spinella, Fabio, Lazzara, Nanì (Zingales), May (Evangelista), Trassari

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Simone Fogliani

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