Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Great spring performance of the CEMEAN FEMALE ACP in the field of TRADATE despite numerous staff absences. The girls of Mr. Giraudo dispute an orderly and gritty race that allows them to win in Lombardy thanks to a second time of considerable competitive intensity. The absolute protagonist and match-winner is the very young Giagnetich Lucia, class' 95, who with a shotgun realizes all the efforts of her companions leading them to win 2-1 in comeback.

In the first fraction the two teams start very cautious without ringing until the 16 'when Picco must intervene in a desperate attack on the network after a valuable counter-attack.

The red and white respond with Minopoli that from the edge can not get rid of the shot after a nice triangulation with D'Angelo.

The Cuneo in midfield can not find the countermeasures to opponents who can always set without pressing. Likewise, the opponents suffer the game on the bands of the red and white who organize excellent plots on the right axis where the couple Goletto-Pittavino manages to create dangers with continuity. On the other side, the inexhaustible Mosquera stops all the initiatives of the Lombards in the bud so they have to try raids on the central streets.

At the 26 'corner for the Cuneo, the local defense sweeps the area, Barolo clumsily controls the trocar and, thanks to the heavy field, loses the ball triggering the counterattack of the Tradate that only Berardo can stop with an intervention to the limits of regularity.

The Tradate insists, raises its center of gravity by putting pressure on the host defense but does not collapse but rather proposes poisonous rebounds leading to the shooting Minopoli and D'Angelo.

The first half ended with a clear opportunity from the network of the Lombards who can not overcome the extreme defender of Cuneo, author of an intervention ripping applause.

In the second half, Innocenti replaces the fatigued Mosquera and immediately becomes dangerous with a precise but weak shot that the goalkeeper of the Tradate blocks in a high grip.

At the 20 'the local go ahead: wrong red and white disengagement and counterattack that ends with a very tight shot but not powerful that the cuneese goalkeeper does not block favoring the winning tap-in of the opposing rival. A few minutes later, the Tradate would have the opportunity to double but the young Bertone opposes in a masterly way the opponent who sends out a little.

Shocked by disadvantage, the guests are transformed. At 27 'Giagnetich capriciously conquers a free kick from the edge. Minopoli goes to the bar and throws a blow at the intersection of the poles. Ball maybe already over the goal line but the goalkeeper rejects anyway. Innocenti, whose shot is hit, and then Giagnetich bagging with arrogance, pounce on the loose ball.

The Tradate accuses the blow and leaves field at the Cuneo that closes all the spaces in midfield with a monumental Barolo and with D'Angelo that opens on the wings. There are at least three occasions at the hands of Giagnetich, Minopoli and Pittavino but they end in corner thanks to amazing interventions by the goalkeeper. Right on one of these corners, at the 35 ', D'Angelo beats short for the coming Goletto that first intention crosses the center, they pounce on the ball Minopoli, Innocenti and Giagnetich and this last hits on the fly anticipating the extreme defender.

In the last minutes of the race the Cuneo, tired and crushed, resist the reaction of the Tradate, but he can no longer organize the maneuver with efficiency and lucidity.

After five minutes of recovery, it ends a good race in which the Cuneo find their determination and determination very useful for the rest of the season.

Sunday 27 February, at 1430, the biancorosse will host Juventus on the field of S.Rocco Castagnaretta.

ACP FEMALE CUNE: Dutto, Bertone, Mosquera (from the 55 'Innocenti), Berardo, Goletto, Picco, Barolo, Giagnetich, Minopoli, D'Angelo, Pittavino.


In the photograph: Lucia Giagnetich

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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