Sunday, 05 April 2020
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Tavagnacco, against the Gordige a "avalanche" debut

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bottacin_saraGraphistudio Tavagnacco - Gordige Soccer Girls 12 - 0
Tavagnacco - It starts as best could not the adventure in the Spring League for the Under 19 Graphistudio Tavagnacco with a game always played one-way and with the Gordige who did what he could but has never approached the door yellow.

The Tavagnacco is immediately strong and the Gordige closes in its own half of the field and that already at 3 ° finds the advantage with a network of Sarnataro on insistent action. At the 11 ° it is Bevilacqua that doubles over Sarnataro's pass. At the 18 ° Zuliani escape that entered the area offers an excellent pass to Sarnataro with a delicious lob the goalkeeper and triples for the Gialloblù. Zuliani is quatern at the 33 ° collecting a pass on the punitone of Vergale Soraya putting the ball into the net to the left of the goalkeeper. The captain, Vinazza, at the 45 ° puts the fifth net with a nice personal action and closes the first half.

Start shooting, the Tavagnacco immediately inserts the changes available, but the music does not change! At the 65 ° the sixth goal arrives thanks to Tedone who on a free-kick from the edge centers the intersection to the left of the opponent's goal. Vergale Selene at 68 ° puts its seal centering the opponent's net with a personal action. At the 72 also Serafini hits the Gordige's door with a beautiful shot from outside the box. Zuliani at 75 ° marks the ninth goal for Tavagnacco after having many chances for a breath. Sarnataro at the 77 ° with a flash in the area marks the tenth network followed by Mauro and finally by Orlandi who scored the 12 ° yellow-and-blue goal finally closes the game.

Race not demanding for the Tavagnacco who appeared immediately satisfied by the result and lowered the pace of the race thus insisting on the possession of the ball.
The Gordige, a young team but with some good individuality, could not help but defend itself, even in a rather orderly manner, managing to contain the already wide success of Gialloblù.
Good debut of Sara Bottacin, who arrived this year at the court of Tarzariol from Rivignano.
The next appointment sees the Graphistudio Tavagnacco away next Saturday in Vittorio Veneto.

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