Sunday, 05 April 2020
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Winning debut of the Imola

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imolese_strocchiBefore the championship of the Primavera and the Imola with a very young team and with a new coach is preparing to play a leading championship. The first game suffers, but not so much for the game of opponents, but only for the personal emotions of their girls in front of the entire managerial staff, (present all in the stands) do not want to make a mistake first pass.Pass the first 45 minutes played at very mild levels, with weak shots on goal from both formations and without any emotion worthy of note, the game awakens and decides in the second half.

In the picture: Giada Strocchi
The Imolesi in fact passed the excitement and with the right recommendations of the new Mister Massimo Cilini begin to make good deep play by launching the quick tips. Determinant also some changes of the coach that give more speed to the midfield and just from there thanks to the new entry Alice Spada leaves the postpone for the goal of the advantage Imola.

Central passage from Spada (entry to 10st instead of Lombardi) to Dubbioso that starts in speed, sowing a few opponents and puts in the middle of the area for the Talami alone (entry to 15 st in place of injured Benetti) that turns and pulls in port displacing the innocent goalkeeper Forlivese.

Open spaces for the rossoblu 'who play on the counterattack and thanks to the speed of the Talami sow dangers in the opposing area so that 9 minutes after the advantage obtains a net rigor transformed by the expert Spada.

Now the girls of the couple Cilini-Mastroiaco play quietly and see excellent exchanges in midfield with vertical play to find the two tips Talami and Dubbioso. Laura still in fact thanks to an excellent central pass of Elena Rocca part in speed sowing his direct opponent, also dribble the goalkeeper and easy bags.

Given the result There is room for changes and nell'Eolese debut also Elisa Giordano 1995 class entered the 29 2t instead of Toninelli and Paduan Luana 1991 class at the 35 st in place of the Bomber Doubtful.

Two minutes from the end the Forlì is the goal of the barrier accomplice the only mistake of the defense rossoblù up to that time excellent, especially Giada Strocchi class 1994 best in the field.

"Starting with a victory gives the girls morale, Imola is a very young team, but very promising and has shown in some games, and that is why the company demands a lot from them" these are the words of the Sports Director Poggi Loris end of the game.

Next match the 09 / 10 / 2010 at the Campo di Pontesanto in Imola at 17.30 vs the strong formation of Reggiana, who suffered a home defeat from the Riviera di Romagna and then will come to storm the rossoblu 'field, a game that is very exciting.

OLIMPIA FORLI ': Zaccarelli, Colangeli (from 71 ° Maltoni), Andreini, Plachesi, Bonesso, Cerotti -cap- (from 58 ° Alessandrini), Cortesi (from 82 ° Celli), Pyszczak, Spazzoli (from 87 ° Galassi), Rotondo , Zamboni (from 75 ° Terranova). All: Matulli.

FEMININE IMOLESE: Naldi, Lombardi, Strocchi, Soglia, Savini, Sasdelli, Rocca, Benetti, Toninelli, Doubtful, Giovannini, Padovano, Spada, Talami

Mr: Cilini Massimo - Mastroiaco Davide

Networks: 57 ° Talami, (I) 63 ° Sword (I), 82 ° Doubtful (I), 89 ° Galassi. (F)

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