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pink_primaveraAfter two weeks of hard preparation and two more of constant training on the field, the Primavera team of Pink Sport Time in Bari seems ready to face this new season.
Led by coach Arnone, the team is made up of very young girls who after completing the football school cycle went to form a consolidated group aged between 14 and 16 years.

Mister Arnone asked: "The difficulties for a group that almost integrally faces the 11 game for the first time, there really is no shortage but I believe a lot in my girls and in their abilities.As you have always done with serenity you will work over time and sporting results will not be long in coming! We are training well and the advantages of having such a united group are there for everyone ... every girl compensates the mistakes of the other in the field and the result can only be positive! "

The team counts among its ranks some individualities of undoubted technical skills, girls who have also collaborated in the last triumphant season of the first team and moreover, among the new arrivals instead the "foreigner" Paolillo coming from the Polisportiva Ettore Fieramosca di Barletta and the girls Gagliese and Cianciotta until last year registered for the other Bari company.

Just last Sunday 19 September, the same group with the integration of some element of the major group, participated in the "2 ° Memorial Marina Basile" in Brindisi where he met the Salento Women of Lecce (militant in series B) and l 'athletic Brindisi (company of the series C regional championship).

For the record our team has lost both matches (3-0 with Lecce and 2-0 with Brindisi) but has shown to have ample room for improvement and has convinced the technical Arnone for some fixed points on which to aim for a rosy future. At the end of the meetings closing event and award ceremony in the nearby city park and greetings among the companies with a special thanks to Atletico Brindisi for the hospitality shown.

In short, a new group, a new championship, a new goal for our company that we hope to pursue in the best way, leaving an important sign but above all preparing the group to support the first team when possible by providing new elements.

Mr. Stefano Arnone

Pink Sport Time

Walter Pettinati
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