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Spring 2010-2011

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Brescia_primavera_2010-11_thumb_other250_170The game begins badly though for Brescia, in fact after only 4 'passes the Florence: Corsi works a great ball on the 3 / 4 and from the limit starts an impassable stone for Picco. The reaction of Brescia is slow to arrive, and at the 13 'is still Florence to touch the doubling, with a shot from close range of Borghesi. But at half an hour the alarm rings, and it is Brayda who activates it. The 10 biancoblu gets rid of two opponents and the 20 meters throws the right shot that slips at the intersection. Eurogol for Veronique!

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springTorino beats Jesina for 6 nets to 1 and wins the final. On the other hand, it is necessary to resort to penalty kicks between the other two semi-finalists Florence and Brescia. The race ends 1 - 1 with Florence taking the lead to 5 'and is reached at 25' by Brayda. On penalties it is Brescia that wins the other free place to dispute the final Sunday that will assign the SPRING TRICOLORE.

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Brescia_primavera_2010-11_thumb_other250_170For the second consecutive year, the Primavera della Brescia Femminile will enter the Final Four Primavera which will be played from the 20 to the 22 May in Cervia, the pearl of the Adriatic. After the third place last year for the team of Mr. Miro is a confirmation. "Last year in the third year of Brescia we got third - said Mr. Keci - and at the beginning of this year I was a little worried because it is always difficult to reconfirm.

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Brescia_primavera_2010-11_thumb_other250_170Prepare your suitcases, you go to Cervia! Thanks to a splendid one-two of the bomber Rolfi, the swallows access for the second consecutive year to the Final Four. For Brescia, the record path continues. To date, the girls of Mr. Miro are still unbeaten: in the regular season 1 draw and 13 wins, in the playoffs 2 equal external and 2 victories at home.

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orlandia_under2011The landing in the quarters is already an important goal, but the girls of the Spring are not satisfied and try to pass the turn and enter the fight for four for the title. This is demonstrated by the concentration they put on during training and on their own trying to make it difficult to choose the starting line against Florence. The group is compact on the lens and there is no defection in training sessions for a long time.

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mozzecane_under11Departure 08.00 destination Turin time. Venaria for accuracy. Thanks to the availability of the host team we play at 16.00, we'll be back next Sunday. The journey runs smoothly. Upon arrival to welcome us there is a wonderful day. Lunch, visit to Venaria Reale and then to the field for the challenge that promises to be very tough.
source: www.fortitudo.org

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tava_jesiNational Spring Championship, quarter-finals: in the first leg in Tavagnacco the strong Jesina wins a precious draw. UPC GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO vs EDP JESINA FEMALE SOCCER 1 - 1
The large audience present at the Stadio Comunale di Tavagnacco (at least thirty warm supporters from the Marches) was able to attend a very pleasant meeting, characterized by sparkling play with continuous reversals in front.

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bevilacqua_veronicaWith the first team working in Rome (at the home of Lazio), the Tavagnacco municipal team is preparing to experience the first act of the quarter-finals of the Primavera Championship. On Sunday 1 May, the Graphistudio, an orphan of the injured Alessandra Miconi, receives Jesina in the second leg of the national stage. The return is scheduled for Sunday 8 May in Jesi. Kick off at 15.00.
In the picture Veronica Bevilacqua - Under 19 midfielder

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