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schedina20102011With the 1 ° championship day returns the totocalciodonne card with dream prizes! Brentonicoski & THE TERRACES OF THE DUKE offer a stay for two people in their respective facilities. Brentonicoski - ski resort of Polsa-San Valentino (TN) - The terraces of the Duke It is a wonderful Bed & Breakfast on the Amalfi Coast. Two terrestrial paradises to be won for the winner of the final classification of the women's soccer card. This year we also award the 13 of the day (never totaled in previous 3 editions) with a complete national women's football team.
New website and new program for the ticket, completely automatic. Linked to live scores results, the system allows you to know the score achieved minute by minute. Update of the day and general classification. Stop the manual work that has led to delays and often discontent and demotivation in the past.

Final prize: 1 COMPLETINO DELLA NATIONAL and 1 stay for two people offered by BRENTONICOSKI and LE TERRAZZE DEL DUCA
Day award: at 13



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RESULTS IN REAL TIME ?? YES, BUT OF ALL CATEGORIES! On calciumonne you can! from now on, you will be able to see all the real-time results of all the categories and of each region. From the Pulcine series to the A series with continuous and immediate updating. The system is simple, automatic and economic, just send a text message, to a number that I will provide to all companies or particular fans, with the result, the goal, the action, the training and everything you want and in real time will go online on this site where everyone can view it. All at the cost of a normal text message! A simple initiative with the collaboration of companies and supporters for the information of the entire movement that I hope you will find appreciation and participation. THE SERVICE IS ACTIVE! TO CONNECT TO THE PAGE OF LIVE RESULTS CLICK ON THIS LINK.


Calcio..donne.it & the Poems

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Football is not just sport, professionalism, competitive spirit, respect, visibility and communication, but it is also poetry .. Strange this title ?? actually yes .. Have you ever thought of a few verses, referring to football? also simple and trivial, but certainly will have happened to all ... Calciodonne.it does not want to copy the most famous strategy of the Division of the latter 12 years but to make you suppress these verses that have remained secret inside of you .. In fact we are organizing a new initiative: Football and Poetry .. Every week there will be a different theme, always referring to football. For the start of the competition the theme will be "the Champions League match against Bardolino against Frankfurt". For this exceptional case, you will have until the end of March to write your poem in the comments. The prettiest will be rewarded with a score that will form a general classification. The winner will receive the shirt of a famous player of choice. For this first theme, the winner will be able to watch the match between Bardolino and Frankfurt in the VIP stand and at the party with the two teams' athletes in the Champions Cup return match which will be played on the 5 April at the Bentegodi stadium in Verona. , even only small verses .. will be published all ..

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ALL MINUTE FOOTBALL FOR MINUTE I would like to inform the visitors, the companies, the athletes and the fans all of the following: The LND - FEMALE SOCCER DIVISION has conferred a mandate to a well-known law firm in Rome to invite me to abstain from implementing any radio and television use of the games of the championships organized by the Division. In default they will be forced to act against me. "The" all minute soccer "initiative stands in stark contrast to the rights and prerogatives of the LND Division and is highly prejudicial to similar initiatives that are being negotiated between the Division and leading radio and television operators". This is an excerpt from the Recommended AR received from the Law Firm. It is with utmost sorrow and bitterness that the request of the Division - LND is implemented to suspend and stop the web radio transmission "all the soccer minute by minute". In my reply to the Avvocato epc to the Divione and LND I remained available for an active collaboration and realization of the initiative. I specified that I did not want to transgress the provisions of the LND, but faced with the endemic shortage and absence of initiatives I thought it was right to organize this web radio transmission on the chronicles of Serie A matches, A2, B, Primavera and regional results. I wanted to give an incentive, an information to the companies, to the fans, to all the practitioners and supporters of this sport, which therefore eagerly await the realization of professional initiatives aimed at the promotion and development of women's football. But let's go into details and see how we had organized this initiative ..


New initiatives on calciodonne.it

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THE BEST WEBSITE OF FEMALE SOCCER TEAMS Vote for the website of women's soccer teams that you feel is most complete and up-to-date. The criteria for voting must take into account: information on the team, athletes, initiatives, comments on matches, friendlies and future programs. Up-to-date times, nicer graphics, simplicity in finding information. Voting is open. Companies that are not on the list can register by sending the request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. VOTE THE CALENDAR Many companies make the team's calendar. We give an appearance to this important initiative that lets the protagonists know. Vote the calendars of the most captivating women's soccer teams. Graphics, communication and scenography. We have published the first two calendars: Bardolino Verona and Villaputzu. Subscriptions are accepted until 31 / 01 / 2008. Voting will start the 01 / 02 / 2008. THE PIU CARINA CALCIATRICE Entries to the initiative continue and the media talk about women's football and us. The latest entry is the beautiful Alice Sosso, 20 years, Juventus bomber. From Sardinia, live on radio Sinthony the interview with the bomber Cuccu (Villaputzu) and space to our initiative. Listen to the interview With these initiatives we want to emphasize the commitment of companies and professionals. Managers and athletes allow the realization of initiatives that often do not have due visibility but which demonstrate creativity, commitment and the desire to give appearance to the movement.

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New awards initiative on calciodonne.it

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Dreaming of Boni & Panico Get involved. In your team are you the best to dribble? Do you like to imitate Ronaldinho & co with rubber bands and numbers with the ball worthy of circus shows? You can not miss this opportunity: take a camera and movies while your ball squirts gently between feet, head, knees and those who have more imagination and put it. Step number two: send everything to calciodonne.it and you can also take part in this exclusive competition on our website. Your video will be inserted in a special section where all users will be able to admire you, but only a jury made up of soccer players, journalists and the sfaff of calciodonne.it will choose the two lucky ones who will win the prize at stake. The first two classified (plus two escorts) will be granted the opportunity to attend directly from the VIP stand of the Bentegodi Stadium in Verona to the semi-final return of Champions Leaugue between Bardolino and Frankfurt on 6 / 7 April 2008. The Pass also provides access to the press conference and buffet with the players. To the winner of the initiative a memorial plaque of calciodonne.it What are you waiting for? Run to film! The voting will close at the end of March! Incredible little girls who float.

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Paint female soccer Yet another initiative within a few days for www.calciodonne.it: paint women's football. Arm yourself with cardboard, old sheets, spray can or markers and give free rein to your imagination. The goal is to create a poster, a banner to hang on the stands at a women's football game of any series. Is there little color and folklore at the matches? Calciodonne provides and rewards the two best achievements. Note: The banners must display slogans referring to their team. Offensive, personal, political and racial slogans are not allowed. We learn to cheer for their team and not against the opponent .. this is the message of our editorial staff! The jury will be composed of the staff of our site, journalists and a group of players. The winner will be awarded with the completely free realization of the website to your team (x 1 year). The first three winners will also be able to take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to attend from the VIP stand of the Bentegodi Stadium in Verona to the Champions League semi-final. The rallies between Bardolino and Frankfurt on 6 / 7 April. The pass also includes access to the press conference and the buffet where you can meet all the players. Summing up: make your banner, hang it on a football game and document it through a photo or a movie (which will have to show that the banner was really hanging on a game like that) and send it all to calciodonne.it. Note: Do not delay, seize this opportunity! Voting will end at the end of March.


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