Thursday, February 26, 2015
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SESTA LESSON the New Communication: "Social Media and TV Theme"!

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Roberto Tortora, Social Media Manager at Mediaset, and Roberto Scarpini, director of Inter Channel, spoke at the sixth lesson for Press Attendants Course, held by Giancarlo Padovan.
Two different realities, but both have the purpose of COMMUNICATING, giving INFORMATION with innovative systems to all users "connected" through mobile phones, tablets, PCs and as regards the thematic TV, to follow everything concerning their favorite team.

Everything can now be seen, observed, through the SMARTPHONE, a means now within everyone's reach that allows you to interact with all people, in every part of the world. Roberto Tortora he illustrated, albeit briefly, how his activity takes place, highlighting how important the immediacy of the news is, but at the same time how useful this news is if it "SINCERA". These new means of communication through Social Media, such as Facebook or Twitter, generally have an EMOTIONAL IMPACT on who follows them, they favor human contacts giving more visibility at a personal level, but lately also to the economic world in general and to that sports. To do all this there is a STRATEGY, put in place by insiders, to INVOLVING people more and more allowing them to dialogue at a distance, exchanging views that integrate images transmitted through photos, TV or newspapers.

Roberto Scarpini di Inter Channel he recounted the beginnings of Telematic TV in the now distant year 2000. A TV belonging to the INTER Football Association, managed in part by employees of the Nerazzurri Company and partly by technical personnel (cameramen, sound technicians) belonging to an external company.
Inter Channel, like all existing telematic TV, have the ownership of the Company as a publisher and therefore they are in direct contact with the President, Managers, technicians and players. The news and information to be communicated MUST come directly from the top and MUST express the VISION of the Company according to internal rules that must never be questioned. Scarpini has in its staff 6 people with about forty external employees that run on soccer fields both in Italy and abroad. Everything is monitored and checked before sending images and interviews. In recent months, Inter Channel has been doing a great job of collecting and archiving old movies coming from worn-out tape cassettes, transforming them into FILE to save a wealth of immense sporting value. Scarpini then underlined how the CALCIO has changed in the last 15 years with the advent of pay-TV like Sky and Premium and how it will be increasingly important to follow the new visual communication techniques through Social networks. Roberto Scarpini concluded his speech with this thought "VIVE programming in consideration of EVENTS!" Do not plan with innovative means in modern society means to face great disappointments and failures.

Mario Merati

Mario Merati
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