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LAZIO-TORINO 0-2 SOLIDARITY IN CORTANI - The girls of Torino were not yet sated and so they beat in the last race of this spectacular championship Lazio, claiming also the defeat suffered in the first leg. Fifth victory in six races and fifth place conquered at the expense of Rome. Thanks to an exciting season finale, the Piedmontese girls managed to position themselves behind the four forces of the championship, overcoming the last day on Roma, defeated in Reggio Emilia. A great satisfaction for the company, for the staff and for the girls who achieve such a prestigious result with a very young education, which bodes well for the future. Victory came thanks to the second network in Serie A of the young Salvai and Simona Sodini, who "dedicated" the goal to Lazio supporters who had unjustly "caught" the first leg. This is the comment of the president at the end of the race: "I am satisfied for the race and for the 5 ° place reached but my most sincere feeling is solidarity with the President of Lazio Elisabetta Cortani, deferred by the President of the DCF, for purely formal matters irrelevant. An oppression that I consider unfair to a tireless woman of sport who followed the match from the stand in my company. " Finally, the TCF expresses sadness at the serious accident that occurred to the player Lanzieri who left the field to be urgently transferred to the hospital for a probable liver operation. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Lazio: Fazio, Di Bari Signoriello, Ferrazza, Savini, Lanzieri (19'Capolunghi) (90'Romanzi), D'Ancona, De Luca, De Angelis (65'Fiaschi), Cantoro, Caramia. All. Piras. Available: Platania, Latini, Giannone. Turin: Scaramuzzi, Ugolini, Tavalazzi, Salvai, Lettieri (62'Moretti), Bosi, Rosucci (91'Figone), Franco, Carissimi, Bonansea, Sodini. All. Amendola. A disp .: Russian. Networks: 63 'Salvai, 76' Sodini. NOTES: Expelled pt 43 'Bonansea (T). Ammonite: Ferrazza, Bonansea, Ugolini, D'Ancona, Lettieri, Salvai, Capolunghi. Press office
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