Friday, January 24 2020
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Bardolino Verona - Chiasiellis = 9-0

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Despite the defeat, the Chiasiellis celebrates salvation The Bardolino is spreading, but the biancocelesti close the championship in seventh place and enjoy the permanence in Serie A. Now two weeks of preparation in view of the Italian cup that will be held in Sicily from 6 to 12 June. A match against Bardolino is in itself an uphill match. If then, after just one minute you pedal a tire and after two minutes breaks the brakes, that climb becomes insurmountable. So it happened to the biancocelesti, that after two rounds of the hand were found under two goals against the Veronese thirsty for victory. The attempt of reaction and football dignity encourages the girls of Talotti, but the technical, physical and psychological superiority of the Giallobl├╣ did not allow the tigers on too many occasions to go beyond the three steps. If all this is added to the bad day of Sara Gama (also author of a resounding own goal), it is not difficult to explain the nine goals collected. What more could you ask these girls, who in two months have gone from nine to twenty-two points, draining all their energy in the search for a well-deserved salvation? Of course, the company on the shores of Lake Garda would have been the icing on the cake of a season finale full of satisfactions that highlighted the true value of this team. The positive note of the day remains however the turnout of Friulian supporters who, as happened in the last trips, have followed in numerous the team, making their heat feel even in the last championship. Now Marinig and companions can enjoy salvation and start focusing on the Italian Cup. Before leaving for Sicily there will be space for the usual midweek workouts and for some charitable friends. Bardolino Verona - Chiasiellis = 9-0 Networks: 1 '(1t) GABBIADINI M.; 2 '(1t) GAMA S. (Author); 9 '(1t) DAYANE D.; 40 '(1t) TUTTINO A.; 47 '(2t) DAYANE D.; 51 '(2t) GABBIADINI M.; 69 '(2t) GABBIADINI M.; 73 '(2t) PARISI A.; 85 '(2t) VILLAR V.; Bardolino Verona: Brunozzi C. (57 'Sometti C.), Ledri M., D'adda R., Motta G., Boni V., Tuttino A., Parisi A. (79' De Stefano B.), Paliotti V ., Girelli C. (70 'Villar V.), Gabbiadini M., Dayane D., A DISPOSITION: Sometti C., Belfanti V., Filippozzi R., De Stefano B., Villar V., Salvatori Rinaldi D., TRAINER: LONGEGA RENATO Chiasiellis: Caravilla R., Marinig E., Maglio P. (71 'Zanella S.), Bortolus S., Gama S., Berardo S., Simonato G., Bucovaz D., Zanetti .. M. , Cester E. (55 'Paroni C.), Lavia E. (65' Femia F.), AVAILABLE: Napoli L., D'angelo V., G. Piantari, Dazzan C., Femia F., Zanella S ., Paroni C., TRAINER: TALOTTI MAURIZIO ARBITRO: Saccenti Alessio Ammoniti: [Bardolino Verona]: Dayane D., Paliotti V., [Chiasiellis]: Marinig E., Zanetti .. M.,
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