Friday, January 24 2020
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TAVAGNACCO FINISHES IN BEAUTY. 7-0 AND BRUMANA REGINA DEL GOL Even without the preliminaries of the Champions, the season to scream for the Friulians The race with the Atalanta has had no history: the Friulians have lorded them going to target with Camporese and Brumana (triplets) and Tatiana Zorri. A calm afternoon for the Gialloblu goalkeeper Marchitelli, while on the opposite side Gamba had a hard life to face the continuous advance of the landlords. Europe has not arrived, but there was everything else in this fantastic season of Graphistudio. Nice game and bursting goals have thrilled the Friulian audience that has paid a dutiful applause to the team and the bomber prince of the Serie A, Paola Brumana. Tavagnacco took the lead after nine minutes with Camporese, who took advantage of Zorri's assist and overtaken Gamba out. Bearzi preaches concentration and the team follows perfectly the dictates of its technician still going to target with Brumana at 24 '. Camporese dominates the band and realizes his shotgun with a blow from the left that slips into the seven to the right of Gamba: on the occasion, decisive the deviation of Caio. In the end of time comes the poker of Tavagnacco: long launch of Rodella for Brumana that dribbles the goalkeeper and puts inside the goal number 23 in season. The first time closes on the 4-0 for the Graphistudio in complete control of the race and several times near the marking. In the second half the rhythm, if possible, drops further and the Friulians continue to grind the game without pushing. The chances and the goals are flapping: they hit Camporese and Zorri before the great final of Paola Brumana that with 24 goal goes up on the highest step of the podium. She is the top scorer in the women's 2009 / 2010 series. Ends 7-0 for the Graphistudio that has so much to celebrate: record points, third place in the league, only unbeaten in front of the champions of Torres. Does Udinese celebrate Christmas? The Tavagnacco celebrates Brumana. GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO-ATALANTA 7-0 (1 ° t 4-0) NETWORKS: 9 ', 31' and 60 'Camporese, 24', 43 and 80 'Brumana, 73' Zorri. GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Marchitelli, Stabile, Donà, Rodella (46 'Martinelli), Moscato, Tommasella, Brumana, Zorri (73' Zuliani), Bonetti (81 'Broili), Di Filippo, Camporese. All. Edoardo Bearzi. FEMALE ATHLATER: Gamba, Caio, Pedretti, Fenaroli (37 'Spinelli), Piacezzi (70' Scarpellini), Bonati, Barcella, Spini, Pandolfi, Giancinti (55 'Frigerio). All. Zonca. REFEREE: Marco Cigana from Pordenone. AMATIONS: -. EXPULSIONS: -. NOTES: land in good condition, overcast. 150 viewers around. Marco Piva Press Officer Graphistudio Tavagnacco feminine
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