Chiasiellis - Brescia = 1-0

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The last ninety minutes at home gave Chiasiellis three beautiful points those that were used to overcome the 20 quota and to greet in the best way the numerous - and warm - public Mortegliano. The winning goal comes in the fifth minute of the second half. And the forum jumps. It was Elena Cester who stabbed Cavagna's net, pushing a perfect cross from the right by Cristina Miani. And every time the little Pordenone striker has stamped his card, the joy of the biancocelesti fans has always been uncontrollable, because Elena has always taken the field fighting with her heart to defend the shirt of Chiasiellis. The tribute for her also came from Mr. Talotti, who replacing it during the shooting, gave her the standing ovation from the public. At the triple whistle the applause of the forum has become stronger for all the players, who have won a beautiful salvation, until a few weeks ago almost unexpected. The match was not among the most beautiful, but it immediately started strong for the Friulians, who at the 5 'were seen to cancel a goal of the usual Bortolus, judged offside by the assistant referee. Brescia has not been watching, and on more than one occasion he missed goals from close range. Caravilla, however, has put his own, emphasizing once again its agility and quickness of reflexes between the posts. The first half ends in a draw, with several possibilities to unlock the result on one side and the other and especially with the fans engaged in a good race of incitement from the stand. The recovery, as mentioned, begins with the signing of the 6 number of the house, which after a suggestion to the kiss of Cristina Miani, illudes the Brescia goalkeeper with a perfect diagonal, taking all the joy of a beautiful goal. The Brescia tries to react and take advantage of some distraction of the Friulian rearguard, but it is not a day for the Lombards. Indeed, the best opportunity is once again for the biancocelesti that are seen invalidate another network, after Sara Gama had probably dragged the ball on the bottom before serving it to Zanetti. In addition to a quarter of an hour from the end, the race director has left running on a sensational foul in the area against Silvia Sedonati (substituted prorpio in Cester), on which an opponent defender was slammed preventing it from hooking the ball. The result, however, stops on the 1-0, as was the first leg in favor of Brescia. Obviously then the party exploded. The many people present at the municipal Mortegliano have gathered around the players and managers to thank them for this wonderful business, even if it is still incomplete. Next Saturday, in Calmasino, there is the last blank sheet to be filled with colors. It will be the busiest trip for the Chiasiellis, because it will go to the Bardolino home that is hunting for the points it lacks to conquer the Champions League. But despite the salvation is already in the safe, the Biancocelesti want to close this season by playing it to the end. And when you return to Friuli, it will still be a party. Chiasiellis - Brescia = 1-0 Networks: 50 '(2t) CESTER E. ; Chiasiellis: Caravilla R., Gama S., Dazzan C., Bortolus S. (55 'Bucovaz D.), Marinig E., Simonato G., Berardo S., Miani C., Cester E. (52' Sedonati S. ), Lavia E., Zanetti .. M., A DISPOSITION: Napoli L., D'angelo V., G. Piantari, Bucovaz D., Femia F., Zanella S., Sedonati S., TRAINER: TALOTTI MAURIZIO Brescia: Cavagna F., Zizioli E., Zanoletti S., Franchin I., D'alessio S., Gozzi M., Ferrandi G. (70 'Previtali R.), Cernoia V., Alborghetti L., Ramera N. (75' Previtali K.), Vuckevic M (57 'Manzoni S.), A DISPOSAL: Gorno M., Dede` C., Ciarlo C., Miranda R., Manzoni S., Previtali R., Previtali K., TRAINER: MONDINI ALESSANDRO ARBITRO: Marangon Andrea Ammoniti : [Brescia]: D'alessio S. (85 '), Ferrandi G. (44'), Expelled: [Chiasiellis]: Sedonati S. (80 '), Football Press Office Chiasiellis Anna Dazzan
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