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Venice, although defeated by Reggiana, manages to save itself, remains in A for the second consecutive year. The game was played by the Venetians in the first half a little contracted, with the most concrete Reggiana Venice shows up at 15 'with a shot of Galvan just outside but the biggest glaring opportunity at 45' counterattack Bittante-Capovilla quest 'last kick but Tasselli rejects. Al2 'of the second half Galvan puts in the middle for Capovilla who stumps the chest and kick weakly Tasselli rejects, at 5' Parejo recovers the ball from a free kick by the Venice launches Costi who enters the area and pierces Penzo, at the 15 'Chinello from the left just outside, at the 23 'again Chinello from a left-wing escape proves the shot this time the goalkeeper rejects, at the 25' Bittante is anticipated at the time of the shot, 42 'Penzo rejects foot on Parejo, 45' after kicking corner ball to Bittante from the edge pulls for Tasselli, at the 47 'Sabatino tries a shot without conviction Penzo slips and the ball goes in the door. Last engagement next Saturday in Monza with the already relegated Fiammamonza, in addition to the latter relegates A2 also Atalanta beat 2 to 1 at home from Lazio. VENICE CASINO '- REGGIANA 0-2 Markers: 5' st Costi, 47 'st Sabatino. VENICE CASINO: Penzo, Lippolis, Cassanelli, Lotto, Turra, Laterza, Galvan (10 'st Chinello), Capovilla, Mason (12' pt Bittante), Tombola, Ranzolin (33 'st Bortot). available: Rizzo, Squizzato, Viezzer. Coach: REGGIANA Conduct: Tasselli, Baldi, Casile, Magrini (11 'st Brutti), Nasuti, Neboli, Spina, Barbieri, Parejo, Vicchiarello (28' st Sabatino), Costi. available:. Vicenzi, Colzi, Fragni. Coach: Bertolini Referee: Michieli sec. of Padua Assistants: sec. di Mestre Notes: -angles: 4-1 for Venice -ammonites: Magrini (RE) -espulsi: = -spector: 150 ca. -recovery: 1T = 1 ', 2T = 3' Girardi Stefano
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