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Saturday, in the match against Venice, Roma wasted a lot and were enough 4 minutes of madness of the girls of Mr. Serafini in the second half to nullify everything that was good in the first part of the game. The race starts immediately uphill for Rome. Already at the 1 ° minute the Giallorossi goalkeeper clashes with a home attacker and the referee Badoer gives a right kick. On the disk is Capovilla but finds on his way Serafino that para the penalty. Rome is struggling to take off and the first 15 minutes are of the Veneziana brand, then the Giallorossi enter the game and begin to push closing the Venice in their own half, while conceding to the opponents dangerous and fast counterattacks. After several wasted goal balls, Rome took the lead at 38 ° with a Eurogol by Ilaria Pasqui (pictured): Barreca serves on the right corner of the penalty area the eleven Capitoline number that succeeds the ball and on the fly, back to the goal , starts a great shot that goes to put behind the goalkeeper Rizzo.La Serafini's training continues to attack, pass 3 minutes and is still Pasqui to go in goal: after a run on the right lane, the Giallorossi striker jumps the goalkeeper opponent and puts the ball on the net. Thus ends the first half with the deserved advantage of Rome. The second half begins and there is 5 minutes of pure yellow-madness that re-open the result. At the 2 ° st the Romanist defense finds itself unprepared and Ranzolin, after having intercepted a rebuttal of Serafino, shortens the distances. They spend another two minutes and the draw comes, on clear offside position, Mason is served deep and in front of the Giallorossi's number one is not mistaken. The protests of the Capitoline players are useless. At this point the game is fought and open, with the two teams wanting to win the three points. Despite goal actions on both fronts the race ends on the result of 2 to 2. Equitable draw given the total performance of the race. Next Saturday, the 8 May, the Giallorossi will play the last home game of the season against Bardolino, still in the running for the second place useful for access to the Champions League 2010 / 2011
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