Friday, January 24 2020
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Atalanta - Lazio Women 1-2

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Mathematics condemns Female Atalanta in the A2 Series. At the end of a year to forget, the match against Lazio smelled of the last beach and the training of Mr. Michele Zonca has given way to the Roman who, despite having nothing more to ask this championship, have torn the three points in that of Almenno, proving to be cynical in the implementation phase and solid in coverage. Who causes his illness to cry: in the light of the good start by the Nerazzurri and the many occasions sent to the nettles, it was once again the law of football to be right. Those who make mistakes pay and greetings dear to the highest category. As it was said, in fact, after a good turn of Captain Lanzieri to capitulate well beyond the second pole, it is the deployment of home to bestow the best opportunities for the public, but in vain. At the 17 ', on the developments of a Lazio penalty, the Atalanta counterattack starts: excellent disengagement from Mangili and the ball to Picchi, who face-to-face with his extreme defender in the lap. Five minutes later the scene repeats itself: but this time it is the same Turbo Mangili who is facing a large Fazio in the bold exit. Cheta water breaks the bridges and here is the advantage white and blue when the half hour shell: starting point on the right wing of D'Ancona to serve De Luca on the bottom, which with skillful move makes Filippi dry. The Atalanta takes the hit and suffers, so much to suffer the supremacy host until the 45 ', when the omelette is made: clear foul in the area of ​​Prost against Lanzieri and the referee is a penalty. To the disk is presented Caramia to put the stamp on the doubling. The recovery is proposed on decidedly more dull rhythms. And although Atalanta grinds play and said times, it is only at the distance that the Nerazzuras try to tell them about Fazio. Important on the episode of the half hour, when Pedretti fits well and looks for the door, the goalkeeper rejects and Mangili head shaves the pole. Finally, shorter distances three minutes later, when Turbo only had to support a serviettole ball from a great stroke of genius by Giacinti on the right, but it was too late. In the last moments of the game, in fact, so much nervousness, little lucidity and only one bitter certainty. Alessandra Donadoni Interviews At the end of the race, the impressions on the match of the insiders. For Lazio, here's Mr. Roberto Piras: "For us it was the classic end-of-season match. We had nothing to ask and we faced it very quietly. I expected to meet a more tenacious Atlanta but no. Last week, Brescia seemed to me much more incisive. For our part, with all the important absences we recorded today, we tried to honor the championship with a good performance ". The reply of Mr. Michele Zonca: "It's a day of bitterness. We deserve the A2 series because we can not stay in this category. We also wasted the last chance we had to save us ". a. d. Scoreboard Atalanta Female Filippi 6.5: a beautiful parade and no fault on goals. For the rest it is valid when it is called into question in ordinary administration. Pedretti 7: still among the best. Immense in every area of ​​the field. Fenaroli 6: under cover so much zeal. (1'st Spini 6.5: with its entry into the field the maneuver of the companions becomes more aggressive). Brasi 6.5: important work in the area of ​​competence. Immolate for the cause. Poet 6: pay a little 'inexperience, but all in all his test is sufficient. (12'st Pandolfi 6: some interesting insertion on his part). Prost 6: on the band is the usual fighter. It grows in the second half. Too naive, however, on the occasion of rigor, which costs half a point less on the evaluation. 6.5 shoes: as always the captain is a reference point for the companions. Pride performance. Ceroni 6.5: experience in the field. In the median is good filter, in defense it runs to cover. Caio 6.5: good punishment, satisfactory in the offensive and defensive phase. Mangili 6.5: his goal of Atalanta. Despite the knee does not give her respite, clenches her teeth and goes on, even if near the door really wastes too much. 6 peaks: good sense of position but little concreteness. (1'st Giacinti 6.5: it serves the kiss Mangili on the occasion of the goal and is well suited for all of his playing time).
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