Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Performance at Rigamonti, Tribune packed and cheering on the great occasions for the salvation match of the swallows. The game starts contracted, and in the first ten minutes the emotions are scarce: Caramia at 4 'worries the home defense and a few minutes later Cernoia with a shot from the limit commits Fazio. After a lopsided shot of Alborghetti on one side and a stoning of Cantoro on the other the alarm rings. Ferrandi at 20 'creates a panic on the right and after a very bad number. Pass 4 minutes and Gozzi from the left starts a precise cross that finds Ramera free to detach and put on the net. The referee cancels out of doubt for offside. At the 29 the swallows still touch the net with Vukcevic who punishes the crossbar on a free-kick. At the 30 'clamorous opportunity to network for Brescia: Gozzi still, brush for Ferrandi, which alone face to face with the goalkeeper puts to the side. The Brescia presses in search of the advantage and Alborghetti at the 43 'in central percussion starts a missile, which finds Fazio ready. On the riveted Ramera pulls, but the ball goes to the side. At the 45 'finally the Brescia finds the goal: Vukcevic receives ball in midfield, controls and launches perfectly Ferrandi, who jumps with a lob the goalkeeper, and bags one to zero. The second fraction still begins with a sumptuous Alborghetti, better in the field, which at the 3 'assists Ferrandi but Fazio miraculously foiled. There is only Brescia in the field! At 9 'Cernoia creates havoc at the limit, jump three opponents and pulls. Fazio para ancora. Ferrandi reiterates in the net but the referee stops everything for offside of the ten biancoazzurro. At the 12 'the Rigamonti public attends a prowess: Zanoletti on punishment, from the 30 mt starts a shotgun learnable for Fazio and is two to zero. Mondini's girls play a spectacular game and in each offensive projection they reach the goal. At the 21 'the new entry Manzoni assisted by Ramera misses the shot. At 26 'Alborghetti pulls from the limit but Fazio para. At half an hour Rajka Previtali enters and touches the net twice: at 30 'with a shot from the edge and at 32' with an offensive projection. The Brescia continues the solo and at the 37 'Ramera has on his feet the ball of the tris but alone in front of the goalkeeper wrong. Two minutes pass and on the developments of a splendid action Rajka hits the post with a sharp shot. The swallows are uncontrollable and still touch the marking with Manzoni and Ramera on punishment. The trio comes to the 92 ': Ramera from the left enters the area and shoots the shot, the ball hits the post but Miranda arrives in the race and reiterates in the network. Wonderful match for the swallows who finally see their efforts rewarded. Good girls ... ACF Brescia Female Via Palazzolo n.120 - 25031 Capriolo (BS) Tel. 030-7460890 - fax 030-7465742 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.bresciafemminile.it Brescia - Lazio = 3-0 Networks: 45 '(1t) FERRANDI G.; 57 '(2t) ALBORGHETTI L.; 91 '(2t) MIRANDA R.; Brescia: Cavagna F., Dede` C., Franchin I., Zanoletti S., Alborghetti L., Gozzi M., D'alessio S., Cernoia V. (76'Miranda R.), Ferrandi G. (58 ' Previtali R.), Vuckevic M. (50 'Manzoni S.), Ramera N., A DISPOSAL: Gorno M., Pietracci F., Miranda R., Valetto F., Previtali R., Manzoni S., Previtali K. , ALENATOR: MONDINI ALESSANDRO Lazio: Fazio M., Ferrazza A., Lanzieri V., Latini V. (87 'Novels C.), Savini F., Cantoro V. (76'Fiaschi G.), D'ancona A. , De Luca S., Ricciardi A., Berarducci S., Caramia M., A DISPOSAL: Platania S., Di Bari D., De Angelis S., Giannone J., Fiaschi G., Novels C., TRAINER: PIRAS ROBERTO ARBITRO: Luigi Espulsi pieces: (Lazio): Berarducci S. 92 '
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