Wednesday, August 21 2019
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Bardolino - Female Atalanta 6-0

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We already knew that it was an unlikely business But in light of the commitment of the Nerazzurri against the Bardolino strong, the almost tennis result resulting from the field does not seem to justify such zeal. And so continues in momentaccio for the girls of Michele Zonca, who given the four points lost for the crime that made chat during the week and the results received from the other fields at the end of the race (Brescia victory and Chiasiellis and Venice draws), never as today he feels the vertigo of the thud in the lower category. The positive note of the day is once again the leitmotiv of the company from Bergamo: the descent into the field of two very young players, made in Atalanta, who in the test against Bardolino have known their absolute debut in Serie A: jewels responding to the names of Poet, 1992 class and Piacezzi, 1995. We come to the chronicle of a match that, except for the first half hour, in which the formations are studied without getting hurt, is practically the mere list of house signatures. Brilliant Bardolino, as always at the height of the situation and of Europe and Atalanta worker, who after a couple of points forward to ice not yet broken has closed on the defensive, trying some rare quick restart in the second half. The first interesting starting point, however, is of host brand: good dialogue between Pedretti and Mangili, with the second one looking for the conclusion from a few steps, but Filippozzi foils on the goal line. The 20 'and 30' are respectively Brunozzi and Filippi to stand out with interventions worthy of the applause of the stands. But when the 38 'shells the Bardolino loses his patience and starts to do seriously seriously and to the first useful lunge goes to sign, with the typical cynicism of the big ones. Good cross Gabbiadini to serve Girelli, who jumps higher than all the cold and the innocent Filippi. Ball in the middle and the encore does not wait. The ambassador is Boni, good at finalizing a counterattack to send the companions to refuel on the double advantage. In the second half the Bardolino dictates ways and times and already at 7 'the result still changes on the board: superb personal action by Gabbiadini to put in the middle for the Daroca substitute, which from a few steps has everything easy. Around the quarter of an hour here is poker: Gabbiadini is the one to drop it, which on the developments of a corner is the quickest in beats and rivets. A practice now successfully archived home training decides not to settle and proves ruthless. At the 28 'Daroca stages the personal double following a good choral action and in the Cesarini area there is also for the new entrance Salvatori, which drops the 6-0 and sends all in the shower. Alessandra Donadoni Interviews At the end of the competition, the comment of the president of Atalanta Femminile Michele Maraglino: "This defeat had already been put into a budget. The Bardolino in fact is a superior team and the girls did not delude themselves to make points here, but we count a lot of winning next week against Lazio. After all, today the Romans have lost to Brescia and if they have succeeded, we will certainly do it too. As for the four points lost for Brescia's appeal last week, I reiterate that the battle is not yet lost. We are doing everything to recover them and so it will be ". a. d. Scoreboard Atalanta Female Filippi 6.5: a great first half, compromised with a recovery not at the top. Caio 6: does his homework, but nothing more. Pedretti 6: it is not the Pedretti we know. Very bad. We count on finding it against Lazio. (7'st Pujia 5.5: in a test really probative for her, it shows the lack of experience despite the great effort lavished on the cause). Bonati 5.5: interventions not always punctual. Too much smudging. Ceroni 7: great performance on its part, even if the customers to be managed are among the most uncomfortable. Excellent direction of defense. Pieces 6: not yet ready for the series A, but commendable for the commitment. It must mature. (1'st Poet 7: his debut is excellent. Never give up on your opponent). Prost 6.5: usual tenacity and good performance on the skill band. Spini 6: physically not at the top, still manages to say his midfield. Peaks 5.5: against a battleship like this there is nothing for her. (1'st Hyacinths 6.5: try to exploit a couple of ideas, but it is in front of a wall). 7.5 shoes: in the first half is the best of twenty-two. In the slight decline. Mangili 6.5: discrete work in front of a granite defense.
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