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THE BRESCIA WINS THE GAME AT TAVOLINO. THE SPORTS JUDGE PUNISHES THE ATALANTA WITH THE 0 - 3 A BAD NEWS FOR BERGAMASCHE FOOTBALLERS. BUT LEG HAD NOT DISCOUNTED THE DISQUALIFICATION AGAINST THE CHIASIELLIS ??? ATALANTA DOES NOT HAVE ANY AND PREJOICE THE COMPLAINT AGAINST THE SPORTS JUDGE REJECTS THE ATHLANTY'S COMPLAINT WITHOUT MOTIVATIONS The Sporting Judge; - examined the appeal of the company Fem. Brescia about the epigraph contest concerning the irregular position of the GAMBA MONICA (Atalanta) player; - considering that the official report of the referee shows that the aforementioned MONICA LEG has regularly disputed the competition in question, even though it is subject to the sanction of the disqualification of a competition imposed following the publication of the 59 CU of 22.4.2010 by the Division; - therefore the irregular position of the GAMBA MONICA dell'Atalanta player has been established. - decides the sports penalty of the loss of the race with the score of 0-3; - the penalization of a point in the standings; - as well as a further disqualification day for the GAMBA MONICA player. Official Announcement 61 29 2010 April 36 THE OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION OF THE FEMALE SOCCER DIVISION IS INTEGRALLY ADVISABLE AT THE LND WEB SITE AT THE ADDRESS: Postal Address: Via Po, 00198 - 35 Rome Offices Offices: Corso d ' Italy 00198 / b-XNUMX Rome
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