Monday, September 16 2019
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NOT ENTUSIASMANDO TURIN IS CLOSER TO THE ITALIAN WOMAN'S CUP The challenge between the grenades and the Venetian blinds was a bit disappointing. The girls of Amendola took the field already mathematically hello start as usual (badly) undergoing a "trottolino" named Mason (class' 93), which "plays" the "Venetian rondò" to the triptych Ugolini-Bosi-Tavalazzi bagging with a low shot "not impossible" a careless Scaramuzzi. Everything is decided in the 1 'time. Disappointing resumption of the TCF and several risks of balance. In the final two woods hit by Bonansea and Carissimi. The mathematics was already there, however, the Turinese had been asked for a vigorous and bad game so as to make a good impression in front of their own audience and make them have fun, but it didn't go that way. Little quality expressed, uneven reactions, expulsions and so on. The chronicle: at the 7 'the guests pass by. Mason launched from the back lines immobilizes first Ugolini and then Bosi-Tavalazzi and stabs Scaramuzzi. Torino responds immediately, but Rosucci cannot find the door. At the 10 'the turning point of the race. Rosucci launches Sodini, who skips Penzo. The opponent's goalie extends the captain grenade to the edge of the area. Expulsion for the far defender guest and free kick from the edge. The ball ends up high. Venice outnumbered defends well until the 26 'when Bonansea crosses from the right and Spanu, lurking at the far post, pushes the ball of the tie into the net. It's a good time for the Piedmontese 3 'later pass. Usual punishment from the limit of captain Sodini. Powerful shot on the pole of the young Rizzo, who can do nothing. The trio arrives at the 31 'with Parodi, who exceeds the young Venetian car door in a soft touch. It would seem a devastating day for Turin, but Tombola is thinking about bringing Venice back into the game. At the 34 'Mason overcomes all the grenade defense and serves Tombola. The first conclusion is rejected by Scaramuzzi, who can do nothing about the repetition. In the second half Torino defends itself well and controls the result. The Venice tries to reach a draw, but never fails to worry the goalkeeper. At the 37 ', however, the numerical parity is re-established. Spanu is in fact expelled for a bad reaction foul canceling the merit of the goal achieved and putting the team in difficulty. From that moment on, the guest assault started, but it was the girls of Mr. Amendola who went close to scoring. Bonansea at the 46 'hits the crossbar with a beautiful conclusion from the 30 meters. An 1 'later Carissimi hits the post. Three more points in front of the home crowd. Now three games from the end, after having reached salvation, it is necessary to reach other objectives but it is the President who dictates the times and their individuation: "I don't really care about the" cups "(Women's Cup) but the achievement of that quality on which Mister Amendola has been working incessantly since the beginning of the season. Even yesterday, even though they spent an absolutely relaxed eve, the girls did not show us either play or malice (shown only by some) which was the only claim demanded by the Management. We are already working on next season and in this (quiet) championship final we want to check which girls show they know how to grow and understand the rules of real football, thus deserving to be part of the group for next season ”. TORINO-VENEZIA 3-2 REFEREE: Pisicoli of Nichelino (Cinato and Torsello di Nichelino). NETWORKS: pt 7 'Mason, 26' Spanu, 29 'Sodini, 31' Parodi, 34 'Tombola. TURIN (votes): Scaramuzzi (6), Coluccio (6) (st 14 'Franco), Bonansea (7), Parodi (7) (st 24' Lettieri), Ugolini (6), Bosi (5), Spanu (5 ), Tavalazzi (6), Rosucci (7) (st 47 'Pisano), Sodini (7), Carissimi (6). NE: Russian. All. Amendola. VENICE: Penzo, Lippolis (st 24 'Chinello), Cassanelli, Lotto, Furra, Laterza, Galvan, Capovilla, Mason, Tombola (st 31' Ranzolin), Bittante (pt 10 'Rizzo). NE: Squizzato, Viezzer. NOTES: esp. Pt 10 'Penzo (V), st 37' Spanu (T). Amm. Parodi, Sodini (T), Laterza (V). LUDOVICO DE DONNO Press Office
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