Wednesday, August 21 2019
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TAVAGNACCO REPORTS EUROPE. 4-2 AT LAZIO Brumana's two goals and Mauro and Zuliani's goals give three key points A shotgun by Paola Brumana, now in the top scorers, and the goals of Mauro and the very young Maria Zuliani frustrate the goals of Ricciardi and Caramia and boost the formation friulana in second place, in the Champions League area. The Graphistudio imposes 4-2 and launches the final sprint. A suffered victory, conquered with great spirit of sacrifice and humility. The concomitant defeat of Bardolino in Sassari with the Torres vael the re-hooking of Friuli at 44 and especially at three days from the end of the season. In seven days, at home with Torino, Mr. Bearzi will have to do without Bissoli expelled today for the last man's foul, but he will be able to count on the ability of the group to square even in the most difficult moments and the iron will to pursue the European dream until the end. Start of the race is not easy for Tavagnacco, forced on the defensive by a tough and well prepared Lazio in the field. Mr. Bearzi is forced to make choices with the trident Bonetti, Mauro and Brumana, supported by the feverish Di Filippo. In defense, the technician opts for the usual four-line with Stabile instead of the conscripted Donà and Martinelli in the field despite the problems of a muscular nature that have afflicted it for some time. In the vicinity of the quarter-hour Lazio passes: a cross tended in the heart of the area is erroneously assessed by Bissoli and Ricciardi has easy play in anticipating Marchitelli out and place the ball at the bottom of the bag. The Tavagnacco peaches in the bottom of the physical and mental energies to try to straighten the match and at the end of the first fraction of the match is a draw with an invention of Ilaria Mauro who tames a ball coming from the trocar of Stabile and places the winning leg: 1-1 at the interval. Bearzi is heard in the locker room and the team begins the second half with the right attitude. Five minutes and the Graphistudio puts the arrow: perfect triangulation between the yellow and blue points to assist Mauro's kiss for Brumana who supports the Friulian 2-1 on the net. The advantage numbs the reflections of Tavagnacco who soon after lost Bissoli for the last man's foul. However, the inertia of the race remains in the hands of the guest players who engage in more than one occasion the excellent Fazio. The goalkeeper biancoceleste must however surrender to the 68 'when Paola Brumana is presented on the penalty spot (landing in the area of ​​Mauro and expulsion of Capolunghi) and realizes his personal double win that is worth the 3-1. Ten minutes before the end, when the game seemed to be channeled on the most favored track at Graphistudio, things are complicated with the foul in the area of ​​Donà that is worth the penalty for the landlords: Caramia is not wrong and Lazio suddenly returns to the game. The fear in the Gialloblu house lasts a little longer than 180 seconds, enough because the header of the new entry Maria Zuliani pierces Fazio for the fourth time and extinguishes the residual ambitions of Lazio. Ends 4-2 for the Tavagnacco in a difficult and painful day that eventually gives a slice of Europe to a team of character and substance. Three (fundamental points), two (placed in the classification), one (the first goal in Serie A of the very young Maria Zuliani): Tavagnacco is there. NETWORKS: 14 'Ricciardi, 45' Mauro (T), 50 'and 68' (rig.) Brumana (T), 80 'Caramia, 83' Zuliani (T). LAZIO: Fazio, Capolunghi, Lanzieri, Savini, Ferrazza, Signoriello, Berarducci (86 'Fiaschi), Ricciardi, De Luca (63' D'Ancona), Cantoro (79 'De Angelis), Caramia. Neither Platania, Latini, Giannone, Di Bari. All. Piras. GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Marchitelli, Rodella, Stabile, Martinelli, Bissoli, Tommasella, Brumana, Zorri, Mauro (75 'Zitter), Di Filippo (80' Zuliani), Bonetti (66 'Donà). All. Bearzi. Neither Pellegrini, Broili. REFEREE: Francesco Guccini of Albano Laziale. AMONIZIONI: Capolunghi (L) Lanzieri (L), Ferrazza (L); Bissoli (T), Bonetti (T). EXPULSIONS: 59 'Bissoli (T), 67' Capolunghi (L). NOTES: synthetic field, rain. Marco Piva Press Officer Graphistudio Tavagnacco feminine
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