Tuesday, September 17 2019
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The Venice Casino played a great game but was defeated by Turin The match was heavily conditioned by the decisions of the referee. The Venice Casino dispute a great game after the goal of Mason the Torino gets the numerical advantage because at the 10 'of the first half the referee expels Penzo rea, according to him to have committed the last man foul on Sodini. At the 6 'Mason launched by Turra enters the area skips two defenders and puts on the net, then the fact of the expulsion of Penzo that in the exit tries to stop Sodini, who throws himself on the goalkeeper who had stopped in the meantime, at the 25' Spanu head to equalize, 29 'Sodini uses a free kick from the edge and puts the ball to the right of the pole Rizzo 31' Parodi ago 3, 34 'Tombola diagonally brings the result on 3 2 in the first half finish . Venice in the second half tries to equalize but little luck in the conclusions and arbitration decisions. The great heart of the Venetians deserved much more certainly with the complete training could bring home a positive result. Rome will be next Saturday at Baracca di Mestre. Girardi Stefano Roma - FiammaMonza = 2-2 Networks: 20 '(1t) SCHOLAR I.; 21 '(1t) MARCHESE S.; 25 '(1t) VINCI V. (R); 43 '(1t) PASQUI M.; Rome: Serafino C., Soro F., Masia G., D'antoni N. (77 'De Carli V.), Bartoli E., Volpi M. (46' D'antoni G.) (85 'Nenna C. ), Sardu R., Barreca A., Pasqui M., Marchese S., Gueli P., A DISPOSITION: Pittiglio B., Di Cerbo V., Chiodetti I., Nenna C., De Carli V., D'antoni G., Condello N., TRAINER: SERAFINI GIAMPIERO FiammaMonza: Ferraro G., Scolaro I. (56 'Velati V.), Rivolta E. (80' Nencioni A.), Galbiati E., Cereda L., Balconi P. , Piva S., Greek M., Donghi L., Vinci V., Ricco A. (88 'Zambetti P.), A DISPOSITION: Brilli V., Re C., Postiglione E., Nencioni A., Zambetti P. , Velati V., TRAINER: PAGGI LILIANA REFEREE: Cazzorla Pietro Ammoniti: [Rome]: D'antoni N.,
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