Tuesday, September 17 2019
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BRESCIA, SCONFITTA IMMERITED IN THE DERBY SALVATION The derby salvation between Brescia and Atalanta begins with a beautiful choreography of the many supporters guests, who welcome the players of Brescia with white and blue fumigants. Mondini inserted Vukcevic in attack, while Zonca left Picchi and Prost on the bench, preferring only Mangili as a point. The match starts contract and the two teams have difficulty setting up the game, perhaps blocked by tension. In the first few minutes the only actions worthy of note are two lopsided shots of Ferrandi and Scarpellini both oversized. At 13 'first beautiful action for the swallows: Vukcevic opens well for Ferrandi who crosses in the middle of first intention but Ramera is anticipated by a whisker. On the next corner Alborghetti comes off higher than all but just touches the crossbar. First glaring chance goal failed by the eleven guest. At the 19 'you can see the Atalanta with the excellent Scarpellini who, from the left, touches the post. At the 26 'clamorous opportunity for Ramera: Cernoia from the left starts a perfect launch for the tip, which tows in an exemplary manner and to you with Gamba tries to lob, but without luck. At 31 'Vukcevic you earn a free kick from the edge, takes charge of the bar but the shot goes a little high. At the 36 'Brescia still stretches well, with Vukcevic still opening on Ferrandi. The number ten of the swallows starts a precise cross, but Ramera is late a breath. Mondini's girls are playing a good game and the excellent offensive plots deserve more luck. 2 ° Time The second fraction still begins with Brescia in attack: at the dangerous 3 'Vukcevic, but Gamba foils. At 8 still the swallows become dangerous with Ramera, which is very well assisted by Vukcevic and fails to frame the door from the edge. Continue the solo of the swallows and 13 'Vukcevic drunk two opponents in the area, puts in the center for Alborghetti sure to kick off a fireball on which Gamba performs a real miracle. The guests are still very unlucky. Only at the 17 'you see the Atalanta on set piece, with Peaks leading off in the area, but the ball goes to the side. At 25 'yet another great opportunity for Brescia: Cernoia from the limb part in percussion, over two opponents and from the center of the area fails to hit the mirror of the goal. The adversary network seems bewitched even today for the biancoazzurre. At half hour the Atalanta rises in tone and begins to close the opponents in his own half. Sweeps the net first with Scarpellini on a free kick and then with a lonely descent of Mangili that face to face with Carminati shoots up. The orobics seem to have more beer in the body and the 34 'still Mangili in the penalty area goes close to scoring with a dangerous shot. A minute passes and on the development of a free kick the ball reaches the center of the area and dances near the Brescia line, Previtali providential free. Atalanta continues the assault and at the 36 'an excellent Franchin stops everything with a prodigious intervention. At the 41 'the orobiche pass: the referee flies over a sensational foul suffered by Franchin, Atalanta starts counterattack from the left and Mangili from the edge touches well for Scarpellini, who with a poisonous right beats Carminati. On the first shot in the mirror of the door the girls of Zonca sign the one to zero to 4 'from the end. The Brescia is not there and after a choral action of fine work touches the network with Alborghetti who shoots from Gamba. Yet another sensational network opportunity! At 45 'is two to zero: Mangili on the counterattack, from the edge, shoots the shot and finds the corner to the left of Carminati. Two to zero that really punishes the swallows exaggeratedly. Without recovery the referee sends all in the locker room. For Brescia yet another undeserved defeat after dominating the match for long stretches ... Atalanta - Brescia = 2-0 Networks: 88 '(2t) SCARPELLINI A. ; 90 '(2t) MANGILI M. ; Atalanta: Gamba M., Pedretti V., Fenaroli C., Ceroni S., Brasi M., Spini G. (50 'Prost E.), Scarpellini A., Caio A., Pandolfi A. (46' Picchi R. ), Mangili M., Giacinti V. (85 'Pujia N.), A DISPOSAL: Filippi C., Bonati A., Pujia N., C. Poet, Barcella C., Prost E., Peaks R., TRAINER: ZONCA MICHELE Brescia: C. Carminati, Zizioli E., Zanoletti S., Franchin I., Ciarlo C., Ferrandi G., D'alessio S., Cernoia V., Alborghetti L., Vuckevic M. (83 'Manzoni S .), Ramera N. (73 'Previtali K.), A DISPOSAL: Gorno M., Dede` C., Miranda R., Gozzi M., Bresciani I., Previtali K., Manzoni S., TRAINER: MONDINI ALESSANDRO REFEREE: Dear Armando Ammoniti: [Atalanta]: Brasi M., [Brescia]: Zizioli E., Zanoletti S., ACF Brescia Female Via Palazzolo n.120 - 25031 Capriolo (BS) Tel. 030-7460890 - 030-7465742 fax This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.bresciafemminile.it
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