Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Heavy Cinquina against Atalanta Maglio, Zanetti, Cester, Miani and Lavia have signed. But to write the story of this beautiful victory was the whole team took to the field, the ranks on the bench, the coaches and the warm cheering of the municipal Mortegliano. They had to be three points and three points were. It had to be Rome's ransom and the score was the same as reversed parts. The recovery against Atalanta ended in a party, like a liberation. Everything was perfect, from the beginning to the end, because once he took to the field the girls of Mr. Talotti did nothing but try, with all their strength, to grab a deserved victory. After 11 'the biancocelesti are indeed already ahead, after they had already collected two goals, with Bortolus first and then with Gama. Miani from the right puts a ball in the middle that the defense rejects. Zanetti intercepts but is landed. Punishment. Piera Maglio is approaching and from how the balloon system is already known where it will end. Goalkeeper displaced, one to zero. After four minutes it is Elena Cester who takes the joy of piercing the extreme defender from Bergamo. After an amazing percussion on the band of Elena Marinig, the defender biancoceleste offers an impeccable assist to the attack pordenonese, who can not help but put the ball on the net. At the 21 'is still the Maglio to try the conclusion on the net directly on a free-kick from a long distance. On the rejected goalkeeper is still Elena Marinig who, after stealing the ball to an opponent, wins two contrasts and puts in the middle. Gorgeous veil of Cester but Zanetti is slightly late. Five minutes later it is always Marinig to anticipate an opponent on the right. After having galloped for the whole band, Zanetti calls the assist that tip arrives and for the young striker he just has to put the innocent Filippi. At 32 'there is the only thrill for the landlords who are surprised in speed by the rapid Mangili that face to face with Caravilla does not make mistakes and shortens the distance. At the 38 'is instead Gama that breaks through the left wing and offers an assist for Miani, however, weakly arriving at the shot. Four minutes later, the new entry Giacinti kicked the Friulian goal, but the shot is too weak and central and is easy prey for the extreme biancoceleste. Before the end of the first half there is still space for a nice action by Miani, taken on the offside line, which is seen to reject a good shot from the Filippi. On the developments of the corner kick is Elisa Lavia that slipping concludes sending out of little. However, when returning to the field after the interval, the music does not change. After two rounds of hands is Cristina Miani to sign the 4-1 network, after yet another foray into the orobic defense on the right wing. From here on the rhythms become more bland, but the game is one way. At the 36 'there is also space for Captain Lavia to put his signature on a perfect day. It's the 5-1. It is the municipal that explodes and breathes a sigh of relief. Today it's gone. Today is a holiday. Before the end still some action makes the goal shout, but the result stops there. At the 5-1 that last week had so much suffered the Chiasiellis away in Rome. Until sunset it will be a spree. Then it will be necessary to keep aside the energies to host the Reggiana. Salvation is still to be conquered. Chiasiellis - Atalanta = 5-1 Networks: 11 '(1t) MAGLIO P. ; 15 '(1t) CESTER E. ; 26 '(1t) ZANETTI .. M. ; 32 '(1t) MANGILI M. ; 47 '(2t) MIANI C. ; 81 '(2t) LAVIA E. ; Chiasiellis: Caravilla R., Marinig E. (63 'Piantari G.), Maglio P., Gama S., Bortolus S., Simonato G., Miani C. (65' Bucovaz D.), Berardo S., Zanetti. . M., Lavia E., Cester E. (73 'Paroni C.), AVAILABLE: Baradel G., Piantari G., Zanella S., Femia F., Bucovaz D., Sedonati S., Paroni C., TRAINER : TALOTTI MAURIZIO Atalanta: Filippi C., Pedretti V., Ceroni S., Brasi M., Bonati A. (30 'Giacinti V.), Scarpellini A., Caio A., Prost E. (75' Spini G.) , Picchi R. (15 'Fenaroli C.), Pandolfi A., Mangili M., A DISPOSITION: Rota R., Fenaroli C., Spini G., Pujia N., Barcella C., Giacinti V., Piacezzi ZONCA MICHELE ARBITRO: Archidiacono Mario Ammoniti: [Chiasiellis]: Piantari G. (65 '), [Atalanta]: Pedretti V.,
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