On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Rome - Chiasiellis 5 to 1

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A very remodeled Rome that is presented at the Cinecittà Bettini to face the Chiasiellis in search of points of salvation. Serafini has to do without a lot of players and must therefore redesign the team by also calling two spring. In addition to Mazzantini, who today discounts the first of the two days of disqualification received after the match against Turin, the already known injuries Bossi, Giovanetti and Bassetti are missing, with the addition of Bussu, Carosi, Bartoli and the Casaroli goalkeeper. In the first half the Friulians try to push and Paroni performs in a splendid as vain reversed in the Giallorossi area, but to make it more dangerous it is Rome that goes ahead to 20 'with Pasqui ready to hit head in advance a precise assist of Gueli, perhaps the best on the pitch for the Giallorossi. A 'thick action of Chiasiellis occurs at 30'with a punishment that ends just above the Giallorossi cross defense from Serafino. As the saying "goal wrong, goal immediately" pass a few minutes and the Giallorossi doubles with Marchese who scores using an indecision of the opposing defense. The Roma now play fluently and the 37 'goes very close to the third goal with Pasqui kicking a ball from outside which comes, do not know how, the goalkeeper of Chiasiellis. The Giallorossi striker sends only a few minutes the appointment with his personal shotgun, in fact Gueli 45 'serves the low shot and Pasqui puts in goal. It goes so to rest on 3 to 0 giallorosso. Just two minutes after the start of the second half, Captain Masia is cautioned. A splendid parade by Serafino is born from the punishment assigned to Chiasiellis. The Friulians try to exploit some counterattack given by the Roman midfield and the 56 'Gama shortens the distances with a real Eurogol of left from outside the area, first marking for her in the league. The Roma responds immediately with Gueli, who with a very quick restart shows up alone in front of the Friulian goalkeeper, but makes a mistake. At 66 'dangerous punishment assigned to Chiasiellis, but the goalkeeper of Roma Serafino performs a real prowess. The race, however, is not over yet. Roma is still scoring first at 80 'with Gueli and then at 90' with Volpi forcing Berardo's own goal. Brave the Giallorossi who respect the opponents not exulting much for these last two goals. Satisfied Mr. Serafini for his team who finally found the way to victory and congratulates his girls for how they have faced and resolved the game.Brother also the two young spring Dantoni and Carrarini: debut for them in Serie A.
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