Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Rome - Chiasiellis = 5-1

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Passive heavy for Chiasiellis in Rome Despite the five goals of the Giallorossi, the Chiasiellis has played the game at good pace. But the Friulians have to deal with a training in search of redeeming the latest bad performance. The post after Venice was not enough for the tiger to take home points from the long trip to Rome. Indeed, the biancocelesti returned to Friuli with a very heavy baggage: five goals for the passive. Already the preamble of the meeting did not predict favorable outcomes, given that two players (the midfielders Spilotti and Femia) could not reach the rest of the team because of the cloud of ash that has invaded the European skies and also prevented flights for the capital. Even the goalkeeper Caravilla had his problems to reach Rome, succeeding only in extremis to '' catch '' a train leaving from Turin, the city where he lives. Once in the capital the wind did not turn in favor of the Chiasiellis, which even came down in the field animated by good intentions and having created the first best opportunities from the net (especially with a splendid overhead shot of Paroni in the first minutes), he had to succumb to the good maneuvers offensive of Rome. At the 20 'is in fact Ilaria Pasqui to take advantage of his, after a wonderful action by Pamela Gueli. The reaction immediately came with two shots from outside by Silvia Berardo and Elisa Lavia ... In the picture: Elisa Lavia who arrived both free at the edge of the area, were deceived by the capricious bounce of the ball (the field of Cinecittà is artificial turf) and have failed to give the right effect to the ball. Before the interval, however, it was still Roma who pierced the Caravilla network on two occasions: first with Marquis who at 35 'took advantage of a misunderstanding in defense and then again with the Pasqui, taken on the offside line. At the resumption of hostilities the Chiasiellis has shortened the distance thanks to the first league goal of Sara Gama, who after having phrased in speed with Bortolus, has left behind three opponents and with a fireball a lap has left no escape to Serafino. Always Gama had the ball of the 3-2 on his feet: after a central percussion he tried the shot towards the opposing goal, powerful but high of little. Despite the substantial game parity, the Giallorossi still scored, certainly more precise and certain underpants. At 36 'a fast counterattack gave the joy of personal marking to Gueli, one of the best in the field between the' 'lupe' '. And at the end of the match came the Friulian with a resounding own goal of Berardo that, postponing a harmless ball, has smoothed the ball making it carambular in its network. The situation at the bottom of the ranking changes little, given that Brescia and Atalanta remain paired at Chiasiellis 13 points, first only of Monza that with success on the Bergamo but shortens the distance from the penultimate place. Now it's already time to think about Wednesday's recovery. Just Atalanta will be a guest at the municipal Mortegliano on Wednesday 21. It's a meeting, needless to say, that tastes like a playoff. Making points is essential for flying towards salvation. Rome - Chiasiellis = 5-1 Networks: 20 '(1t) PASQUI I.; 35 '(1t) MARCHESE S.; 45 '(1t) PASQUI I.; 56 '(2t) GAMA S.; 80 '(2t) GUELI P.; 90 '(2t) BERARDO S. (Author); Rome: Serafino C., Soro F., Masia G., D'antoni N., Volpi M., Sardu R. (85 'D'antoni G.), Bischi E., Barreca A. (88' Carrarini E. ), Pasqui M., Marchese S. (86 'Nenna C.), Gueli P., A DISPOSAL: Pittiglio B., Di Cerbo V., Chiodetti I., Carrarini E., Nenna C., De Carli V., D'antoni G., TRAINER: SERAFINI GIAMPIERO Chiasiellis: Caravilla R., Gama S., Bortolus S., Maglio P., Piantari G. (85 'Marinig E.), Simonato G., Berardo S., Miani C. , Paroni C. (59 'Cester E.), Lavia E. (55' Bucovaz D.), Zanetti .. M., A DISPOSAL: Baradel G., D'Angelo V., Marinig E., Bucovaz D., Zanella S., Cester E., TRAINER: MAURIZIO TALOTTI ARBITRO: Malandra Fabio Maria Ammoniti: [Rome]: Masia G., Bischi E., Barreca A., D'antoni G., Football Press Office Anna Dazzan Chiasiellis
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