On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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A GOOD TAVAGNACCO IS ARRENDED TO THE BARDOLINO The super challenge of the seventeenth arride to Bardolino that s'impomne for 3-1 on the Tavagnacco at the end of a balanced race decided by the episodes. The first half saw the scaligere go in goal after a few minutes and, despite the Bonetti draw, managed to get back in the lead five minutes from the interval. Bardolino and Tavagnacco present themselves at the "Champions" challenge with the same motivations and, above all, the same points in the standings. A match from inside or outside, which was worth the role of antagonist of the leaders Torres, victorious in that of Venice. Bearzi revolutionizes the starting eleven with the trident Bonetti-Mauro-Brumana in the field and Elisa Camporese in the role of glue between midfield and attack. No surprise, however, in the formation of Verona, with Girelli in attack and Paliotti, Boni and Gabbiadini to invent on the trocar. The heavy rain fall in the night, has made the ground heavy, however, it presents in excellent condition. The start of the race is all of Veronese brand with Gabbiadini and Girelli that put the Friulian rearguard in serious difficulty. After only 4 'Bardolino passes: the cross from the left of Paliotti fishing in the area of ​​rigor Girelli from a central position, find the corner where Marchitelli can not get. Two minutes later still the bardolino near the doubling with Boni whose action goes off at the bottom. With the passing of the minutes Tavagnacco enters the match and finds a draw with a nice action game from the feet of Camporese and finalized by Bonetti with a touch below that bypasses Brunaozzi out. The draw awakens the landlords who are still at the end with Parisi whose header parades on the bottom. The heavy rain makes it difficult to set up maneuvered actions and the two technicians try different set-up solutions to offend the opponent. At 13 'a nice cross from the right of Camporese is defused by the Scaliger with many difficulties, while on the opposite side, is Paliotti to put a poisonous ball in the middle that does not find companions ready to beat. The respective defenses have the best on attacking opponents with Ledri on one side, and Martinelli, on the other side of Graphistudio, has closed every initiative well. Tavagnacco still dangerous with Brumana who on a free kick is rejected by Brunozzi. The Bardolino answers to the 36 'with Boni fleeing away on the right and puts in for Gabbiadini that, at practically empty door, puts over the crossbar. The game is however balanced and the Friulians are often threatened by the parties of Brunozzi. Six corners for guests do not produce dangers and at 40 'comes the cold shower: a rebound puts Gabbiadini in motion that eludes the mark of Bissoli and places the winning right behind Marchitelli. The first half ends with the Veronese ahead 2-1. The second half opens with the Friulians in attack. Mauro wedges from the left and puts in a beautiful ball that D'Adda rejects in the corner. Still tavagnacco forward with a nice cobinazione between Bonetti and Brumana that stretches the ball a few steps from Brunozzi. Another occasion, this time greedy, for the Friulians with a veil of Di Filippo and assist of Camporese for Bonetti that does not frame the mirror of the door. Bearzi's training takes over the operations and tries to sting again with Zorri teasing Brunozzi from a free kick. The bardolino tries with Parisi from distance but the ball is lost over the crossbar. Very occasional for Tavagnacco at 74 'with the header of Moscato that Brunozzi puts in corner. The rain returns to be incessant and to suffer is the most proactive team, the Tavagnacco. The minutes run inexorably and the territorial superiority of the guests does not produce the desired effects. In full recovery comes the insult with Da Rocha who surprises Marchitelli head for the 3-1. Marco Piva Press Officer Graphistudio Tavagnacco feminine
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