Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Brescia - Turin = 0-1

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The opposing goal seems bewitched for the Bresciane, the Toro wins Public of the great occasions at the Rigamonti Center of Buffolora, where Brescia faces a Torino in search of tranquility points. Mondini still offers the 4 4 2 with Cernoia and Ramera forward. The Torino responds with the 3 5 2. The two teams start slowly and the phase of study lasts until 6 ', when Bonansea flies to the left and crosses the center for Sodini. Franchin perfectly executes the diagonal and anticipates the garnet toe. The emotions are latent, but at the 14 'the Bull passes. After a beat and retaliate, Carissimi, in a dubious position puts in the center of the first and Sodini, from a race forward anticipates all and bags. The swallows wake up and after 4 'minutes touch the goal with Previtali R. that shoots in a regular position, but at the time of shooting is wrong. Brescia took the opponents and at 20 'Cernoia almost took advantage of an indecision of Russo. At the 24 'ghiotta opportunity for Ferrandi, which starts in progression on the left and you with the number one grenade wrong conclusion. At the 27 'Turin is seen again, which on a corner kick does not take advantage of a melee in the area. At 30 's development of a punishment, Zanoletti assists Ferrandi perfectly. The blue outside anticipates Russo's head but the ball just goes wide. At the 39 'another glaring opportunity for the swallows: on the corner, Ramera pulls on the fly, the defense grenades replies, Alborghetti arrives in the race, but from three meters shoots up. The opposing door seems bewitched for the Bresciane. The Torino is watching and you only see the 41 'with a lopsided shot of Sodini. The first half ends with Coluccio touching the own goal. 2 ° Time In the second half Brescia is very strong: already at 1 'Zanoletti hits a sensational crossbar shot from outside. Three minutes pass and still Zanoletti touches the cross on a free kick. The Brescia despite the bad luck does not give up and at the 15 'Ferrandi imbeces Ramera with a millimeter throw, but the white-blue tip is anticipated by a whisker from Russo. At the 25'su counterattack still Ferrandi missed the conclusion. The Torino is not there and is limited to defend, while the Brescia fight and close the opponents in their own half. At 33 'yet another sensational opportunity for the swallows: Ferrandi works a great ball and from the right corner of the area perfectly crosses the shot. Russo performs a miracle, but on the rebel he stabs K. Expose them to shoot a little high. Unlucky Brescia that despite the many opportunities can not equalize. Only at the 35 'Turin becomes dangerous with Sodini who shoots very well from outside but can not find the door. At 42 'last chance for the swallows: on a corner action Zizioli, receives the ball, checks and starts a treacherous blow, but once again the ball slips out. The haunted door of Turin remains unscathed despite the assault of Brescia. The grenade return home with three unexpected points, earned thanks to the only shot made in the mirror of the opponent's goal. Zizioli and companions in spite of the heart, they still lose and do not drive away the bad luck that does not seem to give up. Brescia - Turin = 0-1 Networks: 14 '(1t) SODINI S. ; Brescia: C. Carminati, Franchin I., Zizioli E., C. Ciarlo (78 'Dede` C.), Zanoletti S., Cernoia V., D'alessio S., Ferrandi G., Alborghetti L., Ramera N (77 'Manzoni S.), Previtali R. (54' Previtali K.), A DISPOSAL: Gorno M., Dede` C., Miranda R., Gozzi M., Previtali K., Manzoni S., Vuckevic M ., TRAINER: MONDINI ALESSANDRO Turin: Russo F., Tavalazzi D., Coluccio F., Parodi E., Ugolini C., Rosucci M. (92 'Bosi M.), Franco M., Bonansea B. (88' Lettieri J.), Spanu M. (72 'Moretti E.), Dear M., Sodini S., A DISPOSAL: Scaramuzzi E., Lettieri J., Bosi M., Pisano S., Moretti E., TRAINER: AMENDOLA ROSARIO ARBITRO: Marchetti Alberto Ammoniti: [Torino]: Moretti E., Bonansea B., Sodini S., ACF Brescia Female Via Palazzolo n.120 - 25031 Capriolo (BS) Tel. 030-7460890 - 030-7465742 fax This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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