Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Fiammamonza - Atalanta 2-0

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A SATURDAY TO FORGET In this championship the Fiammamonza takedown collected nine points, six of which against Atalanta Femminile. The black beast of the girls of Michele Zonca strikes again and puts an end to the positive moment of the Nerazzurri, gaining three important points on the home ground and re-launching their expectations in this championship. For the guest training, a stop that really did not take. Fiammamonza, Chiasiellis and Brescia: the first of three matches in which we expected a total of at least seven points leaves us dry-handed. In addition to the injury the joke: expelled from the field the goalkeeper Gamba and the strong midfielder Riboldi, who in the recovery of Udine next Wednesday will not be the match. Now the game gets tough. We must forget the nefarious Saturday as soon as possible if we want to do well in the next two appointments. The technical examination of the race is a gradual descent to the worst. Especially considering that for the first half hour he was really doing well for Atalanta. Taken in the field wisely sided by the coach, the first moments that offers are show. Short phase of study and the offensive begins. At the 15 'local fans are shaking together with the crossbar hit by left-back Valentina Pedretti, returning to bomb after two days of absence. Follows a few minutes later, Riboldi, who sends a nothing to a beaten goalkeeper. The clock then scored 25 'when the home goalkeeper was crucial in the two-stage save on Prost's cannon shot from outside the box. But the ball does not enter. And as often happens in football, just a nothing, just a single episode to derail the dynamics of a game that was promising the best for what to be fair was the formation in the field was doing the parts of the lion. Minute 34 ': Leg abandons his area and moves into the band, right arm attached to the body and ball to brush it. The race director lets go by the involuntary gesture, but the neighbor linesman calls him to tax and the extreme defender guest pecks the red card. From the bench Mr. Zonca is forced to operate the emergency graft of Philippi, thus sacrificing a peaks so far discrete. Ball in the middle and the Fiammamonza, with the strength of those who have water to the throat and nothing to lose, does not make reverence. On the developments of a rebound in midfield the ball comes from the parts of Greco, who controls it with skill and from the limit punishes the Atalanta. In the second half, despite the numerical inferiority, the formation of patron Maraglino does not lose the verve and throws himself on the attack, looking for that tie destined to remain only a pious illusion. In fact, after a dangerous header from Riboldi, thwarted by the Balconi in extremis, the Fiammamonza serves the doubling. Counterattack action capitulated by the eleven of the house Riccò, which near the disk leaves the winning conclusion. From bad to worse two minutes later, to the 20 ', when for a reaction foul Riboldi is expelled and leaves the companions in nine to stand up to a light that at this point has totally the knife on the side of the handle. So, despite the fact that on this occasion the Nerazzuro stilton to throw in the towel, the result on the board crystallizes on the 2-0. Imperative verdict to the epilogue of a match that was never so bitter. In the desolation of a day so black, the glimmer of light comes once again from the other fields of the group, from which at the end of the game we learn that: Turin beats Brescia, Rome exceeds Chiasiellis and Torres sinks Venice. The ranking does not change a comma. And fortunately. Alessandra Donadoni Interviews The comment of the president of Atalanta Femminile Michele Maraglino at the end of the match against Fiammamonza: "Sin. Today the girls played well the first half hour, then they lost concentration and lost their heads. There have been arbitrary decisions that are certainly contestable, episodes that we will re-evaluate with the televised resumption and which have influenced the girls' morale. The race director used two weights and two measures. In the trio of topical matches, certainly Wednesday will miss Gamba and Riboldi, significant players on the economy of the team and it will be a good problem to replace them. We only hope that Penelope will take only one day of disqualification, otherwise we will have to give her up against Brescia too. Let's forget about this Saturday ". FiammaMonza - Atalanta = 2-0 Networks: 42 '(1t) GRECO M. ; 62 '(2t) RICH A. ; FiammaMonza: Ferraro G., Sironi F., Scolaro I., Galbiati E., Cereda L., Balconi P., Piva S., Greek M., Donghi L., Vinci V. (71 'Velati V.), Ricco A. (80 'Nencioni A.), AVAILABLE: Brilli V., Rivolta E., Meroni C., Zambetti P., King C., Nencioni A., Velati V., TRAINER: PAGGI LILIANA Atalanta: Gamba M. , Pedretti V., Ceroni S., Brasi M., Scarpellini A., Riboldi P., Caio A., Prost E. (71 'Pandolfi A.), Picchi R. (35' Filippi C.), Mangili M. , Giacinti V. (46 'Spini G.), AVAILABLE: Filippi C., Fenaroli C., Bonati A., Spini G., Pujia N., Poet C., Pandolfi A., TRAINER: ZONCA MICHELE ARBITRO: Rossi Jacopo Ammoniti: [FiammaMonza]: Sironi F., Greco M., Cereda L., Velati V., Expelled: [Atalanta]: Riboldi P. (67 '), Gamba M. (34'),
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