Tuesday, September 17 2019
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The Reggiana is not surprising and takes home the three points in the challenge of Mirabello with Brescia: 7-2 ends. In the field from the first minute Neboli, who played with protective mask after breaking the nasal septum two weeks ago in Tavagnacco, once again in the field from the first minute Vicchiarello behind the two peaks Parejo and Sabatino. And they are the three of them to sign the first half-goal grenade. At the 17 'of the first half, beautiful percussion of Casile on the left, perfect cross for Parejo that turns on the fly, Valetto is on the trajectory, he takes it with his arm wide and the referee gives the penalty. Vicchiarello places it at half height and is 1-0. At the 21 'photocopy action. Still Casile (who celebrates in this way his birthday in the best way) crosses from the left towards the center of the area where Sabatino, with a number, forces the handball, this time more clearly, still Valetto. And it is precisely this time Sabatino that goes on the disk and displaces Gorno: 2-0. At 29 'is Parejo who scored the goal of 3-0: cut well in the middle of the area to collect a launch from the back of Spina and the first intention the low shot inside to cross. In the second half enters Brutti instead of Magrini, Colzi back to do the outside low (then make room for Fragni). At the 13 'perfect launch from his own half of Nasuti for Sabatino who is so alone on the edge of the area and cold Gorno with a lob. A minute later is Brutti who launches Parejo in the area is landed (admonished on the occasion Zizioli) and gives the ball for the shot from the spot to Neboli that puts in the corner to the right of the goalkeeper for the 5-0 (and becomes the ninth player to score in the season between the grenade). On a rebound following the third shot from the flag of Brescia is Captain Dapor who scores the goal of the 5-1. The 6-1 is signed soon after (at the 22 ') by Parejo who appears alone in the area on the right side crosses and puts under the legs of the goalkeeper Gorno. Two occasions for Brutti, then comes the seventh goal of the grenade: Parejo gets rid of an opponent with a fake, is invaded on the left sector and a mockery Gorno with a precise lob on the opposite corner. There is also room for the 44 'for the second goal of Brescia: Bonera penetrates the area from the left, starts a shot that seems easy prey to Tasselli, but the ball escapes and ends in the door: 7-2 Now the championship stops to give space to the National team (with Neboli and Vicchiarello in the group of coach Ghedin). It starts in April with the recovery of the race with FiammaMonza and the trip to Bergamo with Atalanta for the sixth return. TABELLINO: REGGIANA-BRESCIA 7-2 REGGIANA: Vicenzi (18 'Tasselli), Baldi, Casile, Nasuti (cap.), Magrini (1' st Brutti), Neboli, Colzi (15 'st Fragni), Spina, Sabatino, Vicchiarello , Parejo. All. Milena Bertolini. Available Tasselli, Capelli, Barbieri, Faragò. BRESCIA: Gorno, Zanoletti, Valetto, Zizioli, Gozzi, D'Alessio, Previtali R., Dapor (cap.) (27 'st Ramera), Manzoni (7' st Alborghetti), Miranda (12 'st Cernoia), Ferrandi. All. Ilaria Rivola. Available Carminati, Ciarlo, Previtali K, Vukcevic. NETWORKS: 17 'Vicchiarello (rig), 21' Sabatino (rig), 29 'Parejo, 13' st Sabatino, 14 'st Neboli (rig), 19' st Dapor, 22 'st and 35' st Parejo, 44 'st Ramera Referee: Saccenti of Modena Angles: 2-3 for Brescia Ammonite: Gozzi, Zizioli, D'Alessio Carlo Carotenuto Uff print Reggiana
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