Saturday, 21 September 2019
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ROME NOT DEMANDED, BUT TORRES WINS 2 IN 1 That sight at the Vanni Sanna of Sassari against Torres was an impeccable Rome that faced the Sardinian team without any reverential fear, arguing perhaps the best game of the season putting in serious difficulty the formation of home. A draw would have been perhaps the best result, but bad luck and some dubious episodes gave the victory to the formation of Mr. Arca. The Torres, despite the midweek competition of Champions last Wednesday in Lyon, takes the field with the starting line-up while Roma must do without two fundamental defensive pieces like captain Masia, disqualified, and the injured Eleonora Bussu, beyond Giovanetti, Bassetti and the goalkeeper Serafino stayed home due to physical problems. Mister Serafini must then revolutionize the back package and is presented in the field with an 5-3-2 holding the Marchese bomber to rest, not at best physically. The race begins with a bold Rome that closes all the spaces to Sassari and imposes his game, with the goalkeeper Casaroli never engaged. Indeed it is the Giallorossi team to create some problems with the Rossoblu defense with fast and well organized reboots. PHOTO MARIELLA QUINTARELLI At the 14 ° Pasqui you drink the direct opponent on the right wing and from the bottom line serves the coming Gueli who beats the first intention, but the goalkeeper Cupid makes a miracle by deflecting the corner. However, the action is stopped because of a doubt out of the game of the number seven capitoline. The Torres responds to the 20 ° with Panico in melee kicks high above the crossbar, this is the only dangerous opportunity in the entire game of the striker of the national team, today stopped in an exemplary manner by the Roman rearguard. But the misfortune is lurking and hit again the formation of the Giallorossi who lost to the 25 ° Alessandra Bossi for injury, for her suspected sprained knee. Serafini must change again and insert the young Noemi Carosi class 1995, the only defender available to the Giallorossi coach, the fifteen does not make intimidate by expert opponents and disputes a great trial. The match is fought, but at the first opportunity Torres takes the lead. Scrolls the 30 °, long throw to overtake the defense yellow for Panico that from the right center for Fuselli, the Giallorossi defense stops because the ball has crossed the back line and the Sardinian forward anticipates Casaroli signing the one to zero between the vibrant protests of the players of Mr. Serafini. The Roma does not accuse the blow, indeed with great personality tries to rebalance the result that comes just 7 minutes later with an overwhelming game from the defense: Casaroli serves Carosi, exchange of first with Barreca, the young Giallorossi serves in turn before Gueli that makes the foothills to Volpi, the latter, even before, deep serves Pasqui that speeds up Cupido and with a big feint sits two torresine and supports the network of deserved draw. The Roma is not calmed and at the 45 ° again with Pasqui has the opportunity to take the lead: still in speed the number 11 giallorossa goes away to the opposing defense and in front of the number 1 shoots a sure shot, but Cupid with a great intervention of foot saves his team. So we go to rest on the result of parity. The second half reflects the first 45 minutes with Roma playing the game openly leaving no tricks to the trident of Mr. Arca, the goalkeeper Casaroli at the end of the match will be almost inoperative. The Torres, however, a great team is the advantage of the 65 ° always on the counterattack with Panico that this time from the left still crosses for Fuselli that flat supports in the network and signs his personal double. At this point, Rome tries everything to do back home training and enter the Marchese field and the former Sardu to give more pressure to the Capitoline attack. Before twice the attacks of the Giallorossi are stopped dramatically in front of Cupid for alleged offside and then at 90 ° when Pasqui inside the area kicking a sure shot, but the goalkeeper rejects, the ball reaches the feet of Sardu that before intention to start a razor, the feet of a Sardinian defender, however, save the result. Despite, therefore, having faced a beautiful Rome, the leaders now fly unchallenged towards the title of Italian champion, also seen the defeat of Tavagnacco home against Reggiana. The Giallorossi coach Serafini is satisfied: "a great test against a great team that has experienced and valuable players, the girls were perfect both tactically and as an approach to the race, playing with personality and showing that despite their young age if they enter the field without fear they can play on a par with all the teams, congratulations to all. My biggest disappointment is above all towards the girls, they gave everything and lose a race so for some episodes it is hard to digest, now the girls should not be demoralized and think about the next race ". In the 16 ° day of series A Roma will face Atalanta at the Cinecittà Bettini.
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