On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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RETURN OF REGGIANA. TAVAGNACCO KO Brumana deceives. The double of Sabatino gives the victory to the Emiliane Ended the fifteenth day the Unbeatability of Graphistudio on friendly ground. The advantage of Brumana was not enough to have the best of a Reggiana well put in place and determined to make life difficult for the Friulians. Mission accomplished for the team of Bertolini that with a double of Sabatino, the municipal sbanca and is projected to the pursuit of Rome. Start of the race rather contracted by both teams and Tavagnacco who find it difficult to find outlets especially in midfield always well-manned by the Emilian Nasuti in splendid condition. The first flash of home players is Camporese who touches the post after a cross from Bonetti's right. The race does not offer great news and you have to wait for the 30 'for the first ring of the landlord: wonderful action on the Camporese-Bonetti axis and ball deep for Brumana that exceeds Vincenzi out. The 1-0 rewards the Friulans who go to rest ahead. The shot gives two emotions in a few seconds: at the 4 'Brumana tries to hit the foil but finds the excellent intervention of Vincenzi desperate exit. Photo by Pierpaolo Gianfreda. On the overthrow in the front is Parejo to call in Marchitelli that is exceeded to divert the corner in the corner without fail of the eleven Emilian number. It is the prelude to the goal grenade that arrives at the 56 'with a turn by Sabatino that finds the corner to the left of Marchitelli. The draw reflects what was seen in the field, but with the passing of the minutes is the Emilian team to find more continuity of their game, while Tavagnacco struggles to strike up dangerous actions and is likely to capitulate on a header of the usual Sabatino that you lose little on the bottom. The meeting drags on the tracks of a substantial balance until the bitter epilogue for the landlords, punished by Sabatino to 79 ': the number nine eludes the offside and puts the ball at the bottom of the bag for the 2-1 Emilia. The final minutes see the Graphistudio to the confused peer search that does not arrive despite the entry of Mauro and the trident deployed by Bearzi. Celebrate Reggiana while Tavagnacco, in addition to defeat, undergoes the Bardolino engagement in second place. GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Marchitelli, Rodella (85 'Stabile), Donà, Martinelli, Bissoli, Moscato, Brumana, Tommasella (65' Mauro), Bonetti, Di Filippo, Camporese. All. Edoardo Bearzi. FEMALE REGGIANA: Vincenzi, Baldi, Casile, Barbieri, Magrini, Neboli (14 'Vicchiarello), Colzi, Spina, Sabatino, Nasuti. All. Milena Bertolini. ARBITRATOR: Zanella di Belluno (Della Marina / Veritti di Tolmezzo). AMONIZIONI: -. NOTES: ground in good condition, 100 viewers around. Marco Piva Press Officer Graphistudio Tavagnacco feminine
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