On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Atalanta Femminile - Venice Casinò 1-1

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ATALANTA, RAMMARICO FOR THE TWO LOST POINTS At the end of a very tight game, the Atalanta Femminile of president Michele Maraglino equalized against Venice, finding much more regret for the two points lost than for the one he had remedied. If it is true that in the first half the race was all balanced (even if really stingy with interesting ideas), in the second half home formation, visibly reinforced by the fresh grafts Giacinti and Pandolfi has made the lion's share, without granting anything to the opponent and becoming really dangerous. The chronicle. After a brief phase of study, the eleven of Ranzolin wastes no time. The clock marks 7 'when we are already on the guest advantage. To propitiate him a ball lost in midfield by Pedretti, which favors the wriggle on the right of the opponent Bittante, who performs in a great cross that greatly facilitates life in Mason for the winning support from a few steps. Ball in the middle and the game stagnates for a long time in the median phase: sterile attacks from both rows do not allow spectacle. Among the lines of the house, in particular, the great effort on the lanes of Riboldi and Prost is frustrated by Picchi and Mangili, protagonists of a first fraction to forget. PEDRETTI BEST IN THE FIELD AMONG THE ATALANTINE FILA, GIACINTI ESORDIO DA FRAMES The recovery opens immediately on very different rhythms. The maneuver of the house is ruthless thanks especially to the contribution of Valentina Giacinti, who returned from an Arco tournament with the Spring that saw her protagonist, puts his hands in the hair of Penzo every time he touches the ball. Two clamorous opportunities created but not exploited by the player: the first at 3 ', when on the development of a penalty of Caius, is smarca good, turns even better, but sends to the side. The second is recorded at 28 ', when alone from the center of the field Valentina tries a hasty but powerful conclusion from the edge, which calls the goalkeeper to the miracle. Finally at 40 'the fruits of so much zeal come to maturity thanks to captain Scarpellini, who redeems a performance to be reviewed with the equalizer. Bad foul just outside the area of ​​the substitute Chinello and for the referee is a punishment: to beat it is precisely the marker, which with great skill overcomes barrier and goalkeeper drawing a perfect parable in seven. The local forcing, really ruthless from here on, but does not grant anything else and Christmas, stingy in granting the recovery, extinguishes the hopes of home with the final whistle at 48 '. Alessandra Donadoni Interviews From the field to the changing rooms, here are the comments of the after-school party. Michele Zonca, coach of Atalanta: "The only mistake was the goal immediately, on which the defense was not enough quick. In the second half we played practically only in their half and throughout the game our goalkeeper, Gamba, was practically disengaged. The girls were few cynics and the draw goal came too late, otherwise the second could have matured too. But I'm happy with them. I was sure they would do well in this race and so it was. This is a precious point for the ranking, now let's go and get three more in Rome ". Then, a note on the young: "I want to highlight the contribution of young people in the field, especially the debut of Valentina Giacinti: a well known talent that from now on will always be aggregated to the first team". On the opposite side, here is Ranzolin del Venezia: "The draw is right: it was a balanced game, even if my girls offered the performance offered me subdued. Above all the weather and forced breaks of this championship, which have damaged our continuity. We welcome this good point, in such a short classification ". a. d. Scoreboard Atalanta Female Leg 6: practically disengaged, in the ordinary administration is as valid as ever. Pedretti 7: among the best. Valid and thick fullback. Young man who is reconfirmed of high hopes. Ceroni 6: in the center of the defense well figure. Decent trial. Brasi 5.5: in the first half in difficulty. Better shooting. Caius 6: match subtly. He has known more profitable days. It grows at the distance. Riboldi 6.5: good services to companions throughout the race. Excellent push, but little concreteness in the implementation phase. 6 Scarpellini: give a point to the team with a draw goal. For the rest, however, the day is to be forgotten. Spini 5: its performance does not convince at all. In the center of the field loses many balls. (15'st Bonati 6: enter to give a valid contribution to the team). Prost 5.5: great race and zeal in the first half, but without affecting. Too nervous, the recovery is to be reviewed. (28'st Pandolfi sv). 5 peaks: in the offensive phase it does not make its presence felt. Not entirely convincing. (1'st Giacinti 7: absolute debut in Serie A to be framed). Mangili 5.5: in the first half not in the game. In the second half proves to believe it, but does not combine much near the door. Alessandra Donadoni
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