Monday, September 16 2019
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RIGHT JOINT BETWEEN ATALANTA AND VENICE At the 7 'of the first half Bortot launches Bittante on the right which goes to the bottom puts in the center for Mason who scores, at the 38' Gamba rejects a shot the ball ends to Bortot that from the limit kicks over the crossbar. In the second half with the Venice in defense and with the Bergamo team trying to recover the result without big problems but with the passing of the minutes Atalanta to the 25 'Giacinti commits Penzo who puts the ball in the corner, awakening of Venice with Chinello pulling and Gamba para in two times, at 38 'Scarpellini on a free kick from the edge puts the ball on the edge of the pole and Penzo does not get it. The game ends in a draw, the Venice could close the game in the first half but did not finish positively, in the second half the Bergamo players deservedly drew now the Venice next Saturday meets at the Baracca of Mestre the Lazio. Markers: 7 'pt Mason, 38' st Scarpellini =. VENICE CASINO ': Penzo, Squizzato (14'st Laterza), Cassanelli, Lotto, Turra, Lippolis, Bortot, Galvan (28'st Tombola), Mason (23'st Chinello), E.Ranzolin, Bittante. available: Rizzo, Viezzer. Coach: M.Ranzolin ATALANTA: Gamba, Caio, Pedretti, Spini (13'st Bonati), Ceroni, Brasi, Riboldi, Prost (28'st Pandolfi), Mangili, Scarpellini, Picchi (1'st Giacinti). available: Filippi, Fenaroli, Barcella ,. Coach: Zonca Referee: Petralli section. of Assistant Cream: Notes: -angles: 4 to 1 for Atalanta -ammonites: Tombola and Laterza (VE), Caio and Pedretti (AT) -espulsi: = -spettatori: 150 ca. -recovery: 1T = 1 ', 2T = 4'
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