Monday, September 16 2019
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A GOOD BRESCIA SUBSECES A DEFEAT DEFEAT Splendid public frame at the Rigamonti in Buffalora, for the big match against the Italian Champions in charge of Bardolino. The Veronese recover Girelli and Gabbiadini, while Brescia in total emergency must do without Cavagna due to a dislocated shoulder. Rivola changes form and deploys the defense to four, with Zanoletti and Ciarlo external. Bardolino strong and after only minutes 3 close to the goal with Paliotti from the center of the penalty shoots high. Brescia reacts and after a minute Manzoni spins on a Ferrandi cross but the ball goes just wide. The swallows play well and manage to keep the opponents at bay. At 9 'Previtali tries the shot from distance but Brunozzi is sure. At the 11 'Bardolino passes: Valetto missed a defensive disengagement, Gabbiadini takes advantage of the center and after a rebound, Girelli puts in one to zero. The Brescia, however, does not give up and launches forward by repeatedly touching the network. At 16 'On a free kick from the left of Previtali a melee is created in the area but no biancoblu manages to turn the net. At the 18 'triangle Dapor-Alborghetti, the latter is free and starts a splendid shot, but Brunozzi takes the ball from seven. At the 20 'Brescia is still dangerous with Manzoni that starts on the offside line but is anticipated by the opposing goalkeeper. At the 21 'the joke. On a remittance action after a rebound in the penalty area, Girelli touches the center for Paliotti that signifies the two at zero. The swallows, despite the undeserved passive, react and at the 23 'Dapor tries the shot from the 30 meters, but once again Brunozzi performs a miracle. The Bardolino at this point manages and manages to fall asleep the maneuver. At the 32 'closes the match: Paliotti from the left starts a tricky cross that is in the center Gabbiadini. The champion Bergamo manages to hit the head between two opponents and puts on the network. The Veronese with the minimum effort are able to get the maximum performance and despite the sumptuous test of Zizioli the swallows close the first fraction with a round three to zero. 2 ° Time The recovery begins with Brescia still in attack: at 3 'Ferrandi flies to the left and from the limit starts a dry shot that goes off to the side. At the 8 'on the developments of a corner kick the new entry Gozzi works a great ball at the edge of the area and tries the shot, but the ball goes a little high on the crossbar. After two minutes more Gozzi exchanges with Ferrandi but miss the shot. The swallows are desperately looking for the net and at 13 'Ferrandi with a lob from the distance, Brunozzi once again worries. The Bardolino, however, proves to be a great team, and at the best time of Brescia strikes. At 18 'Da Rocha, guiltily left free in the center of the area, turns on the net a wrong shot of Parisi and makes poker. After the fourth goal the game falls asleep and Bardolino limits himself to managing the ball. At 20 'Parisi after a shot by Da Rocha, he fired Gorno. A minute passes and Ferrandi, playing on the offside line, anticipates all of the head but hits Brunozzi on the face and the dangerous action vanishes. At 26 'D'Adda flies to the left and crosses to the center for Parisi that comes off without a header, but Gorno with a twist says no. At the 28 'you see Brescia with Alborghetti, which served by Cernoia, gets rid of the shot, but it does not work. The game slips away without further emotions and Bardolino takes home the three points. A good Brescia suffers perhaps an exaggerated defeat, but the good performance bodes well for the rest of the season. ACF Brescia Female Via Palazzolo n.120 - 25031 Capriolo (BS) Tel. 030-7460890 - 030-7465742 fax This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Brescia - Bardolino Verona = 0-4 Networks: 11 '(1t) GIRELLI C.; 21 '(1t) PALIOTTI V.; 32 '(1t) GABBIADINI M.; 63 '(2t) DAYANE D.; Brescia: Gorno M., Ciarlo C., Zanoletti S. (49 'Gozzi M.), Zizioli E., Ferrandi G., Dapor B. (73' Vuckevic M.), Alborghetti L., Valetto F., D ' alessio S., Manzoni S. (30 'Cernoia V.), Previtali R., A DISPOSAL: Carminati C., Dede` C., Cernoia V., Gozzi M., Miranda R., Vuckevic M., Ramera N. , TRAINER: ILARIA RIVOLA Bardolino Verona: Brunozzi C., Ledri M., Schiavi V., Motta G., D'adda R., Tuttino A., Parisi A. (84 'Salvatori Rinaldi D.), Boni V., Paliotti V. (45 'Dayane D.), Gabbiadini M. (83' De Stefano B.), Girelli C., A DISPOSITION: Sometti C., De Stefano B., Villar V., Barbierato L., Salvatori Rinaldi D ., Dayane D., TRAINER: LONGEGA RENATO ARBITRO: Campana Riccardo
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