Monday, September 16 2019
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BEGINS WITH A VICTORY SIGNED BY SARA BERARDUCCI THE ADVENTURE IN SERIE A DELLA LAZIO a return that has been awaited for over five years for the most titled team in Italy who struggled in the Borghesiana in the first half to contain the Friulians of Chiasiellis. The new coach Piras lines captain Di Bari and Alice Ferrazza defensive central front of the expert 1 number Mimma Fazio, Capolunghi and Savini terzini and a very large midfield retreating the Berarducci wing. To gain inches in the area of ​​surprise Fiaschi next to De Luca. The biancoceleste midfield Lanzieri, Ricciardi and the new purchase of Caramia complete the competition. In the first fraction, however, the landlords suffer too much physical strength of the opponents who go close to the net of the advantage, but waste all the opportunities. On the shields the defense and a Fazio in great shape, able also to anticipate the opposing sorties with breathtaking outputs. The second half was clearly different, with Sara Berarducci forward beating the less brilliant guests and the welcome return of Noemi Lo Buono lined up on the left. Fioccano opportunities this time for Lazio ... SARA BERARDUCCI (PHOTO: ALESSANDRO PIZZUTI) ... both with De Luca and with the wild Berarducci. The coach Piras inserts the young Fey Di Patrizi instead of Caramia and then is forced to replace the ill-fated Lo Buono con Giannone. But this Lazio of the second half has another step and the Friulians are struggling, at the 41 ° Sara Berarducci, the hero of the day is solitary and makes Caravella dry out making the crowded stands of the Borghesiana cheer. A deserved victory, with level opponents for a newly promoted, in a far from easy match and despite the absences, in particular that of Manuela Coluccini still not at its best. So continues a record now historic that in three different series sees the Lazio Women undefeated for over two years, radiant at the end captain Daniela Di Bari that the microphones of RadioRai reiterates the will of the team to win as soon as possible the points salvation. Great experience at the service of Lazio since the time of the last championship won together with Valentina Lanzieri. Dreaming does not cost anything and now after these three points Lazio fans can still dream. Lazio Women is in Serie A and wants to stay there for a long time. Lazio - Chiasiellis = 1-0 Lazio: Fazio, Capolunghi, Savini, Di Bari, Ferrazza, Ricciardi, Beraducci, Lanzieri, De Luca, Caramia (Di Patrizi 10'st), Fiaschi (St Lo Buono). On the bench: Platania, Giannone (in the field at 24 'for Lo Buono), Latini and Massariello. All.Piras Chiasiellis: Caravilla, Bortolu, Gama, Maglio, Marinig (Urbani 29'st), Femia (Spilotti 24'st), Dazan, Bucovaz, Sedonati, Tuttino, Paroni (Cester 10'st). On the bench Napoli, Urbani, D'Angelo, Spilotti, Zatiella, Cester.All. Maramo Network: Berarducci 41'st Referee: Morgani of Latina Espulsa: Tuttino 47'st (C) Spectators: 200 about CLASSIFICATION series A Lazio, Bardolino, Reggiana, Tavagnacco, Venice 3 Brescia, Chiasiellis, Fiammamonza, Turin and Rome 0 Atalanta- Torres * postponement of Sunday 11 October Bardolino-Fiammamonza 5-0 (Networks: Parisi 35'pt (B), Slaves 16'st (B), Paliotti 19'st (B), Villar 40 ', 45'st (B) ; Brescia-Venice 0-1 (Networks: Bistante (7'pt (V); Tavagnacco-Rome 3-0 (Networks: Brumana 23'st, 44'st (T), Camporese 46'st (T); Reggiana- Torino 14.00 hours, broadcast live on Rai Sport Più - 6-1 (Networks: Parodi 10'pt (T) - Vicchiarello 13'pt, 47'st (R) - Parejo15'pt; 18 ', 20' st (R ); Del Prix 34'st (R); Lazio-Chiasiellis broadcast on Radio Rai Uno within 'Sabato Sport' - 1-0 (Networks: Berarducci 41'st (L); ALESSANDRO PEZZUTI
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