Tuesday, August 20 2019
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Graphistudio wins and convinces Three goals for Roma, fighting from the first to the last minute. The Graphistudio is forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel of physical and mental energies to overcome Rome, the first obstacle of the season. The final 3-0 must not deceive: the Friulians conquered it at the end of a difficult and suffered match. IlTavagnacco must give up his overseas purchase, Carmelina Moscato, forced to stop due to muscle resentment. In the field from the first minute the trident Brumana-Mauro and the new purchase Bonetti. On the other side, the special guard is Pamela Gueli, a rising star in the Italian football scene, last year in Turin. The start of the race is of Gialloblu brand, with Brumana cha immediately close to the goal: the number seven home penetrates from the right, but kicking too central facilitating the intervention of Serafino. At the 13 'the response of Rome with a long right from Marchese that does not worry Marchitelli. At the 16 'the episode that could change the face of the race: Bussu misses the header and landslide on the Camporese: inevitable penalty that Brumana however fails, kicking to the side to beaten goalkeeper. The game becomes more balanced; Gueli wedges from the left and kicks on the outside of the net. On the other side Zorri finds the crossing of the poles on a free kick from the edge with the ball providentially deflected by Serafino. At the end of the first part of the game, Rome becomes dangerous with the duo Marchese-Gueli, who however do not frame the opponent's goal. The first half closes on the 0-0. The recovery opens with a very special for Roma: corner from the right on which he pounces Barreca that licked the crossbar with beaten goalkeeper. It is the signal that drives Bearzi to opt for the first change of the race, with Donà instead of Bonetti. Rome holds the field well while Tavagnacco struggles to meet again. At 19 'Camporese commits Serafino at the end of a bucking on the left wing. A minute later it was Mauro who came close to Di Filippo's cross. To unlock the game we think a spell of Brumana who places the ball under the crossbar on the development of a free-kick from a defiled position. The 1-0 galvanizes the yellow and blue that compact to defend the advantage. Sardu is missing a draw after Gueli got rid of the opposing half defense. It is the last chance for the capitals that are still under the 44 'on the developments of a counter-attack. Brumana gets rid of Bussu and places the winning stakes that are worth the 2-0. On the credits also comes the Friuli tris with the wonderful free-kick around Camporese that leaves no way to the Giallorossi goalkeeper. It ends 3-0 for the Graphistudio that incamera the first three points in the league in the presence of an excellent opponent. Following Tabellino: Graphistudio Tavagnacco-Rome 3-0 GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO-ROME 3-0 (0-0) Networks: 23 'and 44' st. Brumana, 46 'st. Camporese. GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Marchitelli, Stabile, Bissoli, Martinelli (18 'st. Rodella), Tommasella, Bonetti (10'st. Donà), Brumana, Zorri, Mauro (37'st. Zitter), Di Filippo, Camporese. All. Bearzi. ROME: Serafino, Soro, Bartoli, Bussu, Masia, Volpi, Gueli, Barreca, Marquis, Sardu, Bischi. All. Mazzantini. REFEREE: Perausa di Portogruaro (Bierti / Marcuzzi) AMMONIZIONI: 10'pt. Marquis. Notes: land in good condition. At the 16'pt. Brumana misses a penalty. Marco Piva Graphistudio Tavagnacco feminine
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