Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Atalanta - Brescia 2-0

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SCARPINI RESOLVES THE DERBY SALVATION, BRESCIA KO! What Atalanta. In the derby against Brescia, fundamental match in key salvation, the formation of Mr. Michele Zonca archives the bad moods of the last two defeats and play Captain Scarpellini, which epilogue of a lot a lot tirata, which did not really offer many ideas , makes a savior at home and with a great paw in the Cesarini area gives the companions a result that never in the history of the company Atalanta Feminine was more valuable. To wear the pill, then, the construction of bomber Mangili, to finally close the Brescia practice exactly as in the first leg: with three points in the bag. We come to the match. Like any self-respecting derby, the competition starts quietly. The teams look at each other with too much reverence, they study each other, they prove to be unconvinced forward but firm in the rearguards. So, despite the many supporters who intervened, the show offered in the first section leaves something to be desired: except for a great header by Vukcevic around the 10 'and for a good intervention by Carminati to save his door from the dangerous the conclusion of Scarpellini at 18 ', there are no other actions worthy of appearing in the news. To reactivate the index of attention in the stands, however, we think the race director, who in a game so delicate you take the liberty of joking a bit 'too much, penalizing both teams with some oversight. Poorly displeased home supporters, who dispute the indulgence of a Gentile stingy with bad cards on the occasion of bad income.

.. of Bresciane players against Mangili, Spini and Scarpellini, the latter in particular, is forced to the sideline for ten minutes comfortable to make worry and supporters for an ankle that seemed to prevent the continuation of the race. Instead, in the second half, the captain clenches his teeth and Mr. Zonca takes courage by deploying three points. The maneuver of the house is more convincing, even if it is true that the Brescia to go close to the advantage with Alborghetti, which at the 15 'calls Gamba a close and prodigious intervention. But this is bound to be the last roar for the deployment of Mondini, who from here on will find himself dealing with the pressing of the house, really exhausting. The Atalanta throws forward without hesitation and touches the advantage with the various Picchi, Giacinti and Mangili, then with Scarpellini on standing and still with the punishment of Caius, who at 37 'sends the ball to boiling hot in the Brescia area without this being able to find the winning deviation. In the Cesarini area, however, the time is ripe and in just three minutes we are witnessing all that the race would have been worth seeing. The clock marks 43 'when on developments a splendid choral action captain Scarpellini takes ball just outside the area and as far as the spaces are penalizing, he decides to believe it and in an instant takes measurements at the door to center it in full with a determined torpedo . Reiterate exultation and ball in the middle. 44 ': the response of Brescia materializes with a stone from a few steps of Alborghetti, on which Gamba saves goat, cabbage, result and so on and so forth. Change in the face and the game is mortgaged: to climb into the chair is Turbo Mangili, which is well served by Pedretti makes a fool of a couple of opponents and just outside the area leaves a shot that catches the inner pole and then cross the line. They had to be three points and three points were. Alessandra Donadoni Interviews In the dressing room of the Atalanta the party explodes. I reach a mister Zonca beaming, who comments: "I'm happy because the girls believed in it and showed it in the field with the facts. I think that after a well balanced game, in the light of our last twenty minutes the victory is really deserved. It was a long time since I saw Atalanta play like that and I can not be satisfied today. The girls have put a lot of heart into it. Now we are already projected with the head to the next race, the one against Bardolino. It will be really hard and on that occasion I will see to line up the girls who played less frequently, so as to leave the holders to rest and allow them to solve the various small ailments in view of the game against Lazio, a race more within our reach " . Celebrate and embrace his coach, President Michele Maraglino, extremely relieved: "What a great game! I could not expect more from the girls, which today have been really praiseworthy. We continue to believe in this salvation, because we really deserve it. I am very confident and optimistic ". In Brescia's dressing room, instead, he does not fly a fly. The new coach Alessandro Mondini is very objective in the technical examination of the race: "A balanced match. I think my girls had more ball possession in the first half and a big chance to take the lead. In the second half but the Atalanta came out much better at distance and took home the whole mail. It's a pity, but then this is football: if you can not be cynical about the opportunities created, then you pay the consequences. Today the three points were needed, it is true. But I believe that a result of equality would not have been absolutely a theft. Now for us it is really bad for salvation. In the next races we will be engaged against Lazio, Chiasiellis and Torres. A really prohibitive schedule, but we'll give it all ". Scoreboard Atalanta Female Leg 7: summoned on two fundamental occasions, on which saves the result brilliantly. Providential. Pedretti 7.5: redemption ready. In the coverage phase it is always present, forward offers cues of high technical caliber. On the band is a train. Immense. Fenaroli 7: clean performance, always punctual and effective interventions. The call in question responds optimally. At the height. Brasi 7: a lot of willingness on his part. With the companion Fenaroli guarantees security. But it's not new. Constant. Caio 6.5: for his birthday a great satisfaction arises. Good performance in the area of ​​competence, keeps the center of gravity high in the second half. But it's not the right day to beat the punishments. Tenacious. Ceroni 7: glue between midfield and defense, in both departments is never lacking and the team enjoys its experience. Granite. 8 shoes: the best. He suffers a bad blow to the ankle, but grits his teeth for more than a time. The captain is the honor of his team and gives a superb performance, crowned by a goal of character. Decisive. Spines 6.5: in the center of the field is good filter. His performance in recent times is growing. Intelligent. (5'st Prost 6.5: enters the race still to be decided with the right head. Ready). Pandolfi 6.5: also on this occasion the young woman asserts herself. His contribution to midfield is remarkable. Fearless. (1'st Peaks 6.5: plays a respectable time, giving strong to the offensive department. Dangerous). Giacinti 6.5: now fully integrated into the group, the young girl knows his stuff and plays with character, putting a strain on the rearguard Brescia. Promise. (40'st Puja sv). Mangili 7: despite the physical condition is not at the top, plays every ball playable and is champion of grit. The top scorer leaves us the hand again. Fast. Female Atalanta - Brescia Female 2-0 Female Atalanta (4-1-3-2): Leg; Pedretti, Fenaroli, Brasi, Caio; Ceroni; Scarpellini, Spini (5'st Prost), Pandolfi (1'st Peaks); Hyacinths (40'st Puja), Mangili. All. Michele Zonca. Brescia Female (4-4-2): Carminati; Zanoletti, Zizioli, Ciarlo, Franchin; Cernoia, D'Alessio, Alborghetti, Ramera; Vukcevic, Ferrandi. All. Alessandro Mondini. Referee: Armando Gentile of the Lodi section. Assistants: Fabio Casiraghi and Patrizio Palmeri. Networks: 43'st Scarpellini and 45'st Mangili. Best on the pitch: Andrea Scarpellini (A). Notes: ammonite Brasi (A), Zanoletti (B) and Zizioli (B). Playground in excellent condition. Three hundred spectators around.

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