Monday, May 11 2015
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Season 2009 / 2010


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Torres tricolore maritato, at the Reggiana the mathematics of the fourth place Today who was at Mirabello, and the public of great occasions was there, he gave a good and vibrant match from the beginning and with constant changes in front. Good for a half hour Reggiana that however 'capitulated after a good choral action finalized by Fuselli. Physical supremacy of sardines, determined and bad at the right point, grenades that have highlighted lack of personality and with some pawn under tone. Honor to the Torres that today counts in his palmares the fourth championship as the Bardolino. Goals for the flag of the recovered Costi, that after a beat retaliate of Parejo that incredibly misses the goal, leaves a left to the back of the pole that mitigates a bit 'the defeat. Saturday in Venice, which will not grant discounts, today he tied with Roma, thus giving Reggiana the mathematics of fourth place.

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Great match of the Venice that recovers the disadvantage of the first half. The beginning seems favorable to the Venice that already benefits from the 1 'of a penalty, the goalkeeper of Roma stops foully Mason in the area, beats Capovilla but the weak shot is rejected by Serafino, the Venetian girls with good plays try to score the advantage but to pass are the Roman with Pasqui 38 'shooting from the edge at the intersection of the poles and 40' anticipates Laterza, jump Rizzo putting the ball into the net, the first half ends 2 0. The second half sees the entry into the Venice decided to recover the result, revenue Ranzolin and Chinello immediately in the first minute sees a cross from the right of Tombola the goalkeeper rejects the ball arrives in Ranzolin, net, 2 to 1, the venetian blinders take courage and to the 5 'Capovilla launches Mason as soon as he enters the area and draws, from this moment the game becomes open and fun even if with a tough but fair game because both teams wanted the 3 points, two actions could give the victory to Venice first with Chinello who pulls to pole, then overwhelming action in the Roman area the ball comes to Capovilla that sends the ball just above the crossbar. Given today's results, Venice is not yet at 180 'minutes from the end, and next Saturday at Baracca there is Reggiana hoping that mathematical salvation will come.

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Bardolino - Female Atalanta 6-0

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We already knew that it was an unlikely business But in light of the commitment of the Nerazzurri against the Bardolino strong, the almost tennis result resulting from the field does not seem to justify such zeal. And so continues in momentaccio for the girls of Michele Zonca, who given the four points lost for the crime that made chat during the week and the results received from the other fields at the end of the race (Brescia victory and Chiasiellis and Venice draws), never as today he feels the vertigo of the thud in the lower category. The positive note of the day is once again the leitmotiv of the company from Bergamo: the descent into the field of two very young players, made in Atalanta, who in the test against Bardolino have known their absolute debut in Serie A: jewels responding to the names of Poet, 1992 class and Piacezzi, 1995. We come to the chronicle of a match that, except for the first half hour, in which the formations are studied without getting hurt, is practically the mere list of house signatures. Brilliant Bardolino, as always at the height of the situation and of Europe and Atalanta worker, who after a couple of points forward to ice not yet broken has closed on the defensive, trying some rare quick restart in the second half. The first interesting starting point, however, is of host brand: good dialogue between Pedretti and Mangili, with the second one looking for the conclusion from a few steps, but Filippozzi foils on the goal line.

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Bardolino Verona beats 6-0 Atalanta and remains in the running for the Champions League In the third last day of the top league the girls of Bardolino Verona are imposed with a tennis six to zero sull'Atalanta and maintain the second position in the standings in cohabitation with Tavagnacco. Gialloblu, for the occasion in the white shirt, without the injured Schiavi, Stefanelli and Toselli, the black-blue desperate search for safety points come to the shore of Lake Garda without the disqualified Gamba and Riboldi. The start of the race gives few emotions, so that you have to wait for the 27 'to watch the first real ball-goal wasted by Cristiana Girelli who sends the ball high from a good position. The Veronese gain meters and reach the goal at 35 ': croos from the right brushed to perfection by Valentina Boni for the framed winning by Cristiana Girelli. Before the break comes the yellow-blue doubling thanks to the invention of Valentina Boni, who from the right corner of the small mockery defender and goalkeeper turning the ball into the net. In the second half mister Longega moves to a three-way defense, replacing the young Filippozzi, good in the back section, with the Brazilian forward from Rocha, the absolute protagonist of the second 45 '.



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Performance at Rigamonti, Tribune packed and cheering on the great occasions for the salvation match of the swallows. The game starts contracted, and in the first ten minutes the emotions are scarce: Caramia at 4 'worries the home defense and a few minutes later Cernoia with a shot from the limit commits Fazio. After a lopsided shot of Alborghetti on one side and a stoning of Cantoro on the other the alarm rings. Ferrandi at 20 'creates a panic on the right and after a very bad number. Pass 4 minutes and Gozzi from the left starts a precise cross that finds Ramera free to detach and put on the net. The referee cancels out of doubt for offside. At the 29 the swallows still touch the net with Vukcevic who punishes the crossbar on a free-kick. At the 30 'clamorous opportunity to network for Brescia: Gozzi still, brush for Ferrandi, which alone face to face with the goalkeeper puts to the side. The Brescia presses in search of the advantage and Alborghetti at the 43 'in central percussion starts a missile, which finds Fazio ready. On the riveted Ramera pulls, but the ball goes to the side. At the 45 'finally the Brescia finds the goal: Vukcevic receives ball in midfield, controls and launches perfectly Ferrandi, who jumps with a lob the goalkeeper, and bags one to zero.

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A BOOK TO PROMOTE STICKERS THE BOOK WILL BE PRESENTED THE 28 MAY ON THE OCCASION OF THE GOLDEN GIRLS 2010 The project involves the extraordinary participation of PROFESSIONAL FASHION PHOTOGRAPHERS to perform photographic services with some players of every Serie A team, Under 19 and 17 and national and regional championship players. With this new initiative, the football in pink is proposed to make known the main protagonists outside the green rectangle in all their femininity and charm. The theme is These are the photographers who have joined FREE and believed in the project: Lombardy: Gerry Marchetti - Matteo Mottari / Friuli VG: Francesco Di Bon / Emilia and Veneto: Clement Liborio / Piedmont: Enrico Scarsi / Liguria: Alberto Canale / Latium: Pietro Bertea / Campania: Enzo De Maio Below we list the companies and the athletes by thanking again for participating in this new game of the GG: Bardolino: Boni and Girelli - Tavagnacco: Camporese and Bissoli - Reggiana: Casile, Nasuti and Sabatino - Rome: Bussu and Casaroli - Latium: Ferrazza and Ricciardi - Brescia: Alborghetti, Ferrandi and Zanoletti - Atalanta: Scarpellini, Pedretti, Riboldi, Giacinti and Pandolfi - Turin: Sodini, Russo and Tavalazzi - Chiasiellis: Gama, Lavia and Dazzan - Fiammamonza, Torres and Venezia (they have not yet announced the names) - Multedo: Broken leg - bogliasco: Librandi - Como2000: Giuliani - Milan: Cama, Zambetta - Juventus: Borgia - Francavilla: Morra - Gragnano: Sicilian and Ferrara - Res Rome: Emily Nicosia Vinci - Grifo Perugia: sister Di Camillo - Caprera with Concas, Imolese with the young Lombardi and Toninelli. These and many other companies and athletes are running with this project straight to another formidable goal!



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Shooting on the "Neapolitans" has become a true national sport? Here we go again, evidently Cellino did school ... .. shoot on the "Neapolitans" has become a true national sport. That the South also in football, seeing what is happening in our country at all levels, rather than making a sign and solidarity, is increasingly specialized in a useless war of the poor is now a fact. What happened in Olbia in the recovery of Wednesday 28 April between Olbia and Carpisa Yamamay is unbelievable. Given that already in the first leg the Sardinian company had to complain about the treatment suffered, evidently they were on another planet since all companies in Naples are welcomed well (ask around to realize it ...) and made to feel comfortable . The race ended with a dry 5 to 1 in favor of Carpisa and to no avail a claim made by the Sardinians on the age of a girl, among other national, out of age according to a regulation of their own. One way as another to climb on the mirrors after the defeat. On the contrary, some girls from Olbia provoked and raged against everyone in the field during the race (one of them expelled, among other things, from Campania), but back to our usual speech. success of everything.The Carpisa, young team and spokesman of a project that if followed by other companies, especially in the south, would give an impetus, in our opinion relevant to the whole movement, fighting for the promotion, it was seen abused, offense and dulcis in the end definitively eliminated from the game promotion.After reporting repeatedly to the competent bodies calmly, transparently and always to build together, the inadequacy of designations of the same region, waiting for the end of the year to propose something different on this theme (the championship we played it at home thanks to arbitrage that define undecorious is little thing) Wednesday in Sardinia Mr. Card and his triad have made all the colors.


Upea Orlandia - Siena = 3-1

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A scream in the sky ...... UPEA ORLANDIA IN SERIE A It seems a long time since a group of friends with a daring spirit believed in a project, a hidden idea, a thought kept in mind and passion. Now the dream is free, finds its form and projects itself into a new adventure, which brings with it the sacrifice of those who believed in magic. Today we have written a very important chapter of a book that consists of many other pages still to be written. The UpeaOrlandia97 does not betray any emotion, with great authority overcomes the last obstacle and with full merit you earn the promotion in Serie A. The girls of Mr. Castano win with Siena, playing with the now familiar mastery of the game, without losing a moment of concentration: they cover every part of the field, they offer a show to the fans who came a lot to enjoy the celebrations of a promotion, now immortalized in the sporting history of Capo d'Orlando. Mister Castano prefers Mohamed to Pop, still in precarious physical condition, and puts on the bench the attacking duo Coletta and Minciullo, struggling with a gradual recovery after injuries. Mohamed in port is protected by the defensive line composed by Caciorgna, Radici, Fiocco and Iuculano, in midfield there is Soracco, Piro, Cusmà and captain Morello, in attack Manzella and Cianci operate in a central position.

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